Thursday, June 27, 2013

Our Kitchen Is Live (over at Abigail's!)

Just a quick one from me tonight.

If you're interested, you can pop over to Abigail Ahern's blog and check out her suggestions and tricks to help make our sad 80's kitchen ROCK! 

As I mentioned a few days ago, our very own tribute to country style (gone wrong!) is the first cab off the rank in the brilliant (and generous) new feature on Abigail's blog called Style Surgery.  

Here's a sneaky peek to tempt your stylin tastebuds,

for all the dirt (and there's a lot of good stuff to suss) click here.
I was so excited about this (and just a little bit embarrassed that our kitchen is out there for all the world to see). I can't wait to pull on my gloves and scrubs and get started.  Love, Kylie x
p.s. progress reports to come, stay tuned for the big reveal.
p.p.s. like Abigail to perform surgery at yours? Send a note to:
Goodluck x



  1. Massively excited. Off to have a sticky beak, as you would say. xx

  2. Oh just popped up and over I went to look....very nice indeed...I didn't realise you lived in an old shop will have so much fun with this I can show what you get done . xxx

  3. Yes, I was intrigued to hear you lived in an old shop too. Can't wait to see what it all turns out like. It certainly is a wonderful big space to work with and not nearly as embarrassing as you think. You did so well to be the very first person on her style surgery. Claim to fame!! :) Get going Kylie! We're all waiting now! xx

  4. How exciting! Can't wait to see the final result!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. Ooh, this is very exciting! Will head over and take a look pronto!

    Jem xX

  6. Looking amazingly promising!! How very exciting xoxo

  7. I've just had a look at the ideas, sounds great. Who would have thought of putting large doors on smaller carcasses?...not me!
    Will watch with interest.

  8. Abigail's ideas are amazing. I wouldn't have thought to add more height to the cupboard doors. but I can see how it would work.
    And yes to the dark paint on the cupboards. x

  9. How exciting! I can see that running the doors all the way up to the ceiling would make a difference in the way the room looks, and I love the idea of a rich, velvety charcoal for the cabinets. The open shelving on either side of the window sounds great too. Just think of the collections you could start! Even if you're not totally on board with the crystal chandelier look, there are plenty of amazing vintage mid-century and repro mid-century chandeliers to choose from.

  10. Firstly Kylie, so excited to see what is planned for your kitchen. The dark cabinetry will look amazing ( and without knowing you really at all) can I say it seems very you and will suit what we have seen of the rest of your house. I totally agree that the dark will look so much better than white.
    Secondly we had the same godawful tasmanian oak kitchen except mine was half the size of yours by the looks (no exaggeration). And matching custard yellow walls. I was a bit scared to do the post recently on my kitchen as when I shared it early on my blog several people said how lovely it was and why on earth was I not happy with it. Anyway it has gone to a better home where it will be loved and appreciated. And lastly, you live in an old SHOP. how fantastically awesome and could you please fill us in on all the details? mel x

  11. I think the charcoal you like is a smart choice and is perfectly suited to your other rooms (and taste). Does Abigail mean you need to remove some tiles? ps. that's a pretty good before kitchen, ha.

  12. Go the dark colour palette! Yes on the long door cabinets, thanks to Dana I now understand they go upto the ceiling for height not down, was a little confused! (Not very bright) love the Chandi idea but yes to more MC on that one! Door hardware go copper! ....and big yes to open shelves, more collections! .....look at Mod Collective lamps!

  13. Fantastic! Can't wait to see what becomes of your kitchen this something you will do down the track or soonish? We have dark cabinetry in our kitchen and I love it. I wanted white but the Mr wouldn't have a bar ofit. He is one of those interested blokes with his own ideas!!! Anyway I think it will be fab and I love love love the lamps...I would never think to put a lamp in a kitchen area. Shelving will be super too I think. See ya!

  14. Hi Kylie,

    lucky, lovely girl! The kitchen of your style is fab! Paint the cabinets in a inky hues and ad a chandelier over the table will be half the way to get a glam feeling!
    See you, Ria

    P.S. Wrote to Abigail and screamed "help for our bathroom"...

  15. Her ideas are fantastic!! I love the open shelves idea (somewhere to display all your cool things) and yes...dark!! Glad she agreed with you on that ;-)
    I cannot wait to see how you go with pressure;-)
    Have fun!!
    Courts xx

  16. why hooray, and how's it going? your kitchen lay out as is (was?) looks interesting!

  17. When we did our kitchen seven years ago everyone was doing theirs in hot drink colours- cappuccino, cocoa, mocha...I had a knee jerk reaction which was interesting because I had a broken knee at the time the builder finally turned up and I just said, "Do it white, keep it simple."
    Our kitchen is too dark for charcoals but there is a soft tomato red that I have always had a yen for. Although they say red is a colour that makes you hungry. We don't need that around here!