Friday, June 28, 2013

Lemon Crinkle Cookies

Make some this weekend.

(that's an order okay, because they're delicious!)

It was lovely Zara 
(if you click this link you will find her yummy recipe for old-fashioned jam drops)
who gave me the heads-up on Lauren's Latest, the blog where you'll find this recipe.
Zara actually suggested I whip up a batch of Lauren's  Lemon Glazed Lemon Cookies, but because she mentioned they were a bit messy to make (and I can't be dealing with extra mess at the mo) I made Lemon Crinkles instead. And OMG! I'm glad I did because they are a lemony revelation!
Lemon Crinkles - easy to bake and very easy to eat!
(maybe too easy...)

If you haven't got lemons on your tree, or in your fruit bowl,
(btw, after reading your comments on this post, I will never take our lemon trees or their bounty for granted again!)
pop up to the shops and buy one - these are so worth it, and a single lonely little lemon is all you'll need to transport your tastebuds to lemon heaven - unless you decide to double the recipe(?) and I would if I were you.
Lemon Crinkles up top, Anthony's beloved Orange Slices (yuk!) down below - exactly where they belong, in my opinion! Which biccies do you reckon were eaten demolished first? 
Thanks to everyone who sent Lemon recipes my way, I really appreciate it. This weekend I am sweetening up my trial batch of Limoncello, it's smelling a bit ummm, shall we lemony paint stripper at the moment (even though I didn't skimp on the Vodka and used the good stuff). Stay tuned.
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  1. Mmmm love anything made from lemons, sorry Anth your on your own! xx

  2. Mmmmm, they look and sound scrumdiddlyumptious. And easy you say? Even better. Ooh limoncello.... I like that. xx

  3. hubby is a man of good taste!!...but you knew that right. orange slices are the bomb! sure your lemon things were ok too? lol x

  4. Will have to get my hands on some more lemons and get baking- maybe a batch of both this time.
    I'm with you on the orange slice- my least fav in the assorted iced biscuit tray. x

  5. Oh Kylie, it is such a good thing we're not neighbours, I'd be eating you out of house and home - these look like Jem-bait, they really do!

    Jem xXx

  6. Those cookies sound so good. I have a feeling they would be a big hit with Grandsons #1 and #2. I'll have to whip them up a batch.

  7. I had to shield my eyes from the naked lemons!!! "OIIIIII"
    *heheeh* The cookies look yummy I will have to try baking some on a rainy day.

  8. Oh yum, really looking forward to trying these. Thanks for sharing xoxo

  9. Hi Kylie, these do look delicious. I laughed at the Orange Slice biscuits...not my favourite either. The kids love them, then again they love anything that resembles a biscuit. Have a lovely weekend x

  10. My Mom just brought these over. I have the most easy recipe for lemon bars that my son LOVES. And also a good friend of mine. They sort of fight over them. So I have to try these. Thanks!

  11. Oh so so so yummy.....I am going to have a V

  12. They look delicious. I have to try them.

  13. i'll just follow you the old fashioned way, dearie, if you don't mind? and still jealous at all that lemony heaven you seem to be enjoying just outside your door. these cookies i wanna try!