Sunday, June 9, 2013

Oranges and Lemons

Beautiful vintage tea towel cushion, handmade by lovely Zara
Lemon Curd.
Getting through our stash, one lemon at a time...
I used this recipe, but it turns out my Mum's lemon butter is just as good.
It also turns out that lemon butter and lemon curd are the same thing.
Lemon curd just sounds fancier and more chefy.
We like to use it (and a big dollop of whipped cream as well) to fill fairy cakes.
The perfect combo.
Vintage Meakin "Wattle" plate, another gift from Zara.
(and particularly special to us because Lucy Violet used to serve her roasts from a "Wattle" platter)
Zara has also been dabbling in watercolours of late.
Is there anything this gorgeous girl can't do?
Clearly not. Just look at what else she sent me
Handsome Germans and Billy Buttons, another perfect combo.
I'm a very lucky and grateful girl to be on the receiving end of such loveliness.
Thanks for reading, and thank you for your kindness Zara x 








  1. They are such great gifts from Zara. And lemon curd/butter fairy cakes are a favourite here too. Yum.

  2. That lemon curd/butter sounds delish, thanks for sharing! The gifts from Zara is delightful. Xo

  3. Yum - I adore lemon curd. I just finished a pot of homemade yesterday, bought from a little old lady at a local church fair 2 weeks ago. It was sooooo good. My favourite is from Fortnum and Mason's but heck it's expensive. I've been plotting to make my own - just need to remember to buy some lemons. On the weekly shopping list now.

    Also, last week I went into an antique glass shop, owned by a chap who is the BBC Antique Road Show glass expert, and he has a set of glasses for sale that are a larger version of your Aslak Schnapps Glasses, and they are priced at £88. So you did good!

  4. lemon curd fairy cakes, mmmmmmm. i'm loving Zara's watercolours too x

  5. Gorgeous pics and yes, Zara is such a talent. I adore her tt cushions. In fact, only yesterday I was looking at a few tts of mine and thinking "cushions". Yes! xx

  6. Ah now, saddo vintage ceramic spotter here, the crockery depicted in that tea towel is by Portmerion, I think by memory it is called Greek Key. I love it and have a few pieces of it.... somewhere. YUM those lemon curd cupcakes look bloody delicious.

  7. Gosh that Zara knows you well, that cushion is FABBO! mel x

  8. Oh zara is lovely! and those cakes look sooooo good! xx

  9. ohh lovely gifts from Zara! I love her vinage tea towel cushions x

  10. Lovely, really lovely.
    The cushion is ace and the cake pics have made me NEED a cake NOW!
    Happy to have found your most lovely blog. x

  11. I've never made lemon curd before - might just give it a try!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  12. I love lemon curd, and your mom's hand-written recipe is great! I have a hand-written recipe book that I did in 1965 in very girlish handwriting (when I was 17) for my hope chest. My daughter will get it someday.

    Your gifts from Zara are beautiful!

  13. You are a lovely person, so you get lovely gifts! Very nice of Zara to send you such a great cushion and picture. She seemed to be a very talented person!
    X, Ria

  14. all that fabulousness!....that zara has a heart of gold! and a hidden talent. I love that painting. bit too much lemon/lime consuming going on around here...we are all walking around with mouths like cats bums!! x

  15. Oh, that looks too yummy for words!!! I'll be sure to try your mom's recipe, there's something really trustworthy about our mom's recipes, isn't there?

  16. All the goodies look right at home at your place. So glad you like them.
    I've got another batch of these cookies on the 'to do list'. the icing glaze is messy but oh gosh they are delicious, like so delicious you keep going back for seconds, and thirds.

  17. Love lemon butter! I have never made my own though. I buy it regularly from our local hospital oppy made by lovely old ladies experienced in lemon butter making. I have only ever had it on toast..your butterfly cakes look so good! Zara's piece is beautiful as is she.

  18. All sweetness Kylie & Zara. Love your jugs [heh heh] I have had a bit of a lemon thing going on for a while [not in that way, seems a bit erm...seedy with that last comment]
    Seem to always be thrifting [dont really care for that word but how do you say it in 'Strine?] lemony type goods for some unknown reason. I've never made lemon curd or butter either but I posted a Jamie Oliver recipe last year on a very pressing citrus based issue. Wish I had had your Mums instead. Love it, handwriting and all. Will have to give it a go someday. By way of sterilising will a washed up and scalded jar suffice?

  19. What a lovely parcel of joy.

    Those fairy cakes look heavenly. As already established, anything lemony is good. I love your mother's handwritten recipe, such a beautiful hand she has.

    And of course, how beautifully you have styled everything from the cakes, to the shelf with the watercolour and the pots with the same pom pom flowers in them. I keep going back to devour all the details. xxx

  20. Zara does have exquisite taste doesn't she? We get piles of lemons from the parents,albeit weird looking bush lemons.I freeze the juice in icecube trays and freeze the zest for months to avoid the expensive ones. Those fairy cakes look delish!

  21. Lemon butter...drool...looks so yum and your Mum's recipe is like mine. Fabbo. Nice cushion. The coffee cups on the fabric look like retro Royal Doulton! lol xx

  22. mhmmmm...
    {mouth filled with mouth watering goodness...}