Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I've been wanting to link-up to lovely Max's Op-Shop Show-Off since she started hosting it. The only thing that's stopped me, is my failure to find anything worthy enough to show-off.

This is:

a) because I don't op as much as I used to, and
b) I've become an old fussy-pants about what I bring home.

Finally though, I reckon I've found something that makes the cut.

This good looking Italian.
(and yes, that is Namadji on the wall)
(if Germans are handsome, and Italians good looking, what are
Australians? I've re-discovered some lovely old Aussie ceramics in the shed and they need a good adjective...)
Mid-century Italian vase

It's funny how much I love yellow...
things (ie)
(can't remember source - sorry)
and yet I can't stand it on walls!
You can't blame me,

because this! is what we inherited when we bought our house.
(and once again, it looks much better in this pic than it did in real life. I can't believe how good those walls look - we had to do an incredible amount of prep work before we went anywhere near them with a paint brush, they were shocking!)

Anyway, back to that vase
do you like it? 
(and do you like yellow?)
If you don't (and even if you do) pop over to A Blackbird Has Spoken, I'm sure you'll find something there that tickles your fancy.



  1. Is that the colour from the prev post? Namadji? If it isit sure does go on much richer and darker. But I like it. Very dramatic. I'm not very brave when it comes to wall colours I'm afraid. Might be worth bringing you over for a deco consult though I think!

  2. Gotta say I struggle with yellow. I think it was all that yellow and blue everyone painted their kitchens in the late eighties. But yellow and grey are lovely together, as you've demonstrated.

  3. First of all, there isn 't one single thing you've showed us that doesn't make the cut! And the adjective you're looking for is "gorgeous":-)
    Your Italian vase is sooo beautiful!!! Love the shape and the colors!! The room it's in is so great too, love the black walls, the cowhide and the piece of furniture it's standing on!
    I'm into yellow too these days, combined with black I think it's quite smashing! But I agree with you- on objects and furniture, not walls...

  4. Love the vase but agree with you about yellow walls.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. Your vase is a knock-out! I love that yellow chest too.

  6. I love yellow. I need more of it in my life. FAbulous vase and yes, I know what you mean about some yellow walls. I say "some" because our hallway and all the way up the stairs are yellow and I like it dammit! xx

  7. Omg, those hall walls are quite spectacular, it almost looks wet its so glossy! Love the dark grey on the wall there, very classy. And your jug is beautiful, colour and rusticity ticks all my pottery boxes. Brilliant to have you linking up kylie xxx

  8. I love that first picture with the table, jug, walls, rug and picture. It's such a beautiful still life. You are a natural at styling.

    The jug is great, such a lovely shape.

    Yellow: I love daffodils in spring, they are like sunshine and actually I can wear yellow, it improves my complexion. But I'm like you, not so keen on it on the walls because I have done it previously. It was a custard yellow, bad idea.

    Oh, bad walls. SNAP! xx

  9. the way you put it, yellow is definitely it.

  10. Love your vase and the colour but agree about the walls...they are rather violent.

  11. I love yellow, and I frigging LOVE that vase/jug!!!
    I am JEALOUS!
    It reminds me of the ceramics in a Tricia Guild book I have...
    Gawd, I'm useless at linking to anything, as I always forget, or get the day wrong, or some such stupidity!!!
    Max rocks!

  12. I do like your yellow vase, but those yellow walls are bloody hideous! Migraine inducing. I really really like the dark grey walls, as I think I mentioned. They set things off so nicely. Don't know that Ben would go for it though.

  13. I love yellow but like you not on walls! Like that vase. It has a great shape and looks fab on your cool coffee table. xx

  14. Yes yellow accessories and furniture are lovely. not so much whole walls.

  15. Yes - II've been wanting to link up with the op shop finds too but I don't get out much and, like you, I'm fussy these days! I have op shop rules now. And I LOVE yellow- I love yellow shoes and yellow objects - but yellow walls make you insane. So. I think we have an agreement there on everything.

  16. Hurray for making it over to Max's, for yellow, and for nice jugs! I know, I'm so cheeky.
    I do love yellow, but all those walls are a little too much of a good thing. Accents, darling, it's all about accents!
    As for Australians... Sexy? xxxxx

  17. Wow my man loves yellow but I think even he would have to think twice about living with those walls.....love the colour of your new walls. oh and the yellow jug too. xxx

  18. I love the vase Kylie and your dark wall is beautiful. Wow...look at that yellow hall.

    When we were first married I painted our lounge room in a Dulux colur called Banana Daiquiri which was just as the name describes. Our first home and I felt SO bold and grown up. A few years later I grew to hate it. It has long gone but it took a lot of covering up.

    Also, I think all of your op finds are worth sharing :)

  19. hi kylie...I love yellow but not as much as orange....im sorry you had to live with those yellow walls even for a second....your painting rocks....my Canadian friend tells me that aussies are "solid"..."fat?" I said...."no solid as in good grounded and dependable"....id prefer good looking myself, but im shallow....your jug rocks....max rocks....you rock....the end! xx

  20. Aussie pottery? 'strong robust aussies' I'd say.
    love your Italian pot, just lovely. Yellow walls? well I had a yellow and blue laundry I quite liked when I did it in 1992 or thereabouts, but glad it is gone now! Yellow and blue were quite the ''in'' colours for a while you know.

  21. I like it very much - particularly the yellow! Love the different tones too. : ) x

  22. Oh the jug is a beauty and yes its perfect with the yellow. I have of late been on a yellow crazy op-shop finding spree. Yellow wallets seem to be the favour of the day.
    Yay for the link to Max.
    love V

  23. You know I have issues with yellow Kylie, but actually your banana yellow walls are possibly worse than Betsy's custard. I love the shape and colours of that jug and against that very dark wall it looks spectacular, loving you sharing all these awesome pics of your house. And Aussies? well they are HOT of course ( well at least my husband anyway, and Hugh Jackman) mel x

  24. Loving all that yella! Sunny, happy, bright, comforting....
    Exactly the same description of this tea towel I have just come across.
    Do you already have it? If not, I spy a Christmas present coming your way from moi!!!
    x x x

  25. Lovely vase! The yellow hallway looks so cheery & HAPPY. But I suppose I will believe you in the fact it must look better in the photos then it did in real life. *lol*

  26. The photo does make the walls look pretty good,esp.with the mirror and the lovely coat rack. Your yellow hall beats our former yellow hall though, ours was more pastel.Love your vase, there's something lovely about rustic ceramics.

  27. ....thinking of painting a yellow wall myself, seriously a mustard one, I already have a citrus dining room!
    Going against convention?
    Love everything and that black wall! xx

  28. Hi Kylie,
    Love the Namadji wall, absolutely one of personal faves in dark paint colours.
    Can I ask which artist painted the print on the Namadji wall?
    As for yellow walls, we have our study painted Dulux Mana, it is a beautiful, perfect mustard in my opinion :)
    But...my 13 year old daughter says it is baby poo colour)
    Really enjoying catching up on your posts, always brings a smile !
    X Sue ( of the tea towel Mysterious Benefactor variety)