Friday, March 22, 2013

Green Apples

Granny Smiths

to be


And why yellow is such an awesome colour...


That's all. Good night x
note: Why green apples? well, in addition to kale, spinach, cucumber, celery and ginger, green apples are what I've been living on for almost two weeks. That little teak bowl is emptied almost as quickly as it's filled. When I refilled it this arvo, I noticed how lovely they looked so I decided to take some pics. That's why...


  1. Mmm love granny smiths...and who the hell ever questions yellow?? It's totally the best colour!. Goodnight, sleep tight! X

  2. Ooh crispy apples. Lovely, and actually all those ingredients do sound nice.. Two weeks, blimey. You have an iron will.

    I do like a wooden fruit bowl. I have a small one in the hallway for keys and so on.

    Lovely yellow cupboard and ray of sunlight. Good night Kylie! xx

  3. Green veg and apples? Grief! You're a stronger woman than I!

    Beaut colours though.

  4. They DO look lovely, Kylie!!! And so does everything else at your house! The bowl, the marble table top... Drool! I'm impressed with your healthy eating:-) Have a wonderful Easter!

  5. They sure do look lovely same for the yellow cabinet and lovely posters! xo

  6. Lovely photo's Kylie, especially like the one with long shadows.
    Love a Granny Smith or a Braeburn myself but not often in winter, when I'd rather eat chocolate!

  7. love the yellow cabinet! so sunny xx

  8. Sometimes those little images in the day just make you stop don't they? Today I paused over some freshly collected eggs cracked into a vintage pyrex bowl whisked with a thrifted whisk in morning sunlight. I thought of the camera but I was way to hungry and I think I have photographed it before. But it was the yellow! Such a happy colour!

  9. The sunshine coming in is lovely.
    Love all the colours in your dining area.

  10. Yellow cupboard, fresh green apples and a bit of sunshine; perfect! Have a good weekend. x

  11. My fav apples are Pink Ladys :)

  12. Munchy crunchy for your lunchy. How lush do those apples look? And you are on a detox? Well, share, how is it going?
    Lovely post. Green against yellow. Bit like the bruise over the Prince's eye after h
    leaping into my furniture two weeks back.........

  13. What great photos! I love Granny Smiths too, and your pictures made me want to run right out and buy some.

  14. yeah... detox? green thingies?
    the sight of 'em is wonderful.
    so how are you?