Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It Pays to Ask...

you never know what treasures you might find.

While waiting to pay for a purchase at my local oppy I spotted this

cardboard cylinder on a shelf behind the cash register.

The label is faded and tatty - even with my specs on, I can only read that it was sent to a Mrs Brown of ? (a farm or station name), Muchea, Western Australia.
(Muchea is a small farming community 57kms North of Perth)

Intrigued, I asked the lady serving me what was inside - just a few old pictures, she replied. But, what pictures they were!
Here's a couple of clues for you

Hmmmm, any guesses?

This will give the game away!

Inside were four, never framed, Big-Eyed prints by Cee Franca! I can only assume Mrs Brown ordered them for her children's bedroom and didn't get around to hanging them up (just like the Big Eyes I've got stashed in our shed, because the girls think they're freaky, and refuse to let me hang them)
Now meet the kids (my names)


Bertie, and


Cute aren't they?
(Franca always gave her Big-Eyed kids that sweet round nose)
The prints were manufactured by D.A.C. New York (the Donald Art Company - named after owner and founder Donald Bonnist). D.A.C. sold millions of prints like these throughout the U.S.A. and internationally.
So, next time you're out and about, remember to ask if something catches your eye - you'll either score like I did, or die wondering. Right?!
And just in case you're curious, here's what I was waiting to pay for 

this beautiful vintage cardigan by Nordstrikk
(Nordstrikk has been making traditional Norwegian knitwear since 1963)

Look at those pewter clasps...

and buttons!
Roll on Winter!
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  1. Love the cardi, seriously divine....but big eye's I'm with your fantastic girlies...gag!
    Still love me? ;)

  2. Wow what a fancy cardi Miss! And what a lucky find you had with the prints. They are wonderful despite looking a wee bit gloomy. Bertie is especially beautiful. Be sure to model your cardi for us;)

  3. Wow! It does pay to ask. But their eyes are so sad...And that cardi is excellent. Love a good cardi. xx

  4. You seem to have the find amazing things on the kerb, & now this!!! I haven't ever come across big eye prints at my local oppy's. But I do keep my small eyes peeled. I love that cardi too. You MUST model it for us! And yes hurry up winter, I can't wait for boots, tights & cardigans! Xx

  5. I have never seen a Big eye but I really like them...they are very endearing. xxx

  6. Amazing finds! Love the cardi - awesome! But the kids - great that they were unused, but ... hmm, not sure!?!?!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. I think they are beautiful and i love a bit of nordic knitwear. Does it get cool enough in perth for chunky knits? I always imagine it as this perma-tropical place!

  8. I remember now that you've got more of those prints in the SHED (there's that word again). Anyway, brilliant scores, Kylie. Are you going to put them up? or are they going to be stashed in the shed along with the others? It's very annoying when your family scuppers your plans to decorate the house/walls - I get that lot a lot. The cardie is sooooo cute. I'm bored with the cold here in the UK. Roll on spring, I say. xx

  9. You Lucky Duck! I can't believe the cardi find. When my cousins were little they used to do oil paintings Franca style (8ys or thereabouts) I carried them around for years but they got lost in one of the moves.

  10. The Nordic cardigan is so on trend, it hurts! Great find, fab fastenings.
    The sad kids really are very miserable, aren't they? That's just how my kids look when I tell them there's no pudding or it's bedtime or they need to do a bit more homework...
    You have to put them up, don't consign them to the shed - over-rule those girls of yours!
    Btw - I should never have shown Nina those owl cakes, she now seems to be under the misapprehension that I am going to make her one! xxx

  11. What will you do with the prints if you are not allowed to hang? They are a tiny bit creepy (don't hate me).

  12. I need that cardigan, it's like bloody Scandinavia here at the moment - more blizzards today and I looked pretty sad eyed about it! Brilliant chance find on the prints but I'm not sure I'd want them on my walls, sorry!

  13. What a find!! Those big eyed freaky kids are amazing!

  14. Fabulous finds Kylie, did you get them for a song? My auntie has a similar Nordic cardi, (same clasps and all) she used to live in Norway and they are tremendously expensive, but then everything in Norway is.

  15. well

    amazing find!

    mezz x

  16. No Way!!! Get out!! You have a gift. Truly. I am laughing so hard. Good on you!

  17. OMG! Score!!!!
    That's just amazing.
    The cardi is a adorable! Does it actually get cold enough in Perth to wear such things?! XXX

  18. Those prints are gorgeous, what luck!

  19. I too have had a similar score to this! I found an old Singer sewing box made of cardboard that my manager at the oppy I volunteered at was going to throw out, but I opened it and it was full of old sewing notions and machine parts. Your find is much more impressive though, and that cardi is a beaut too.

  20. Ha, I've done a bit of polite pushing around of op shop staff to get my way, well done.

  21. You find the good stuff Kylie :)

  22. OMG what a fabulous find :-) Im so pleased for you there gorgeous and were not meant for Mrs Brown all those years go but they were meant just for you :-) Enjoy them, dee x

  23. Wow- Norwegian knitwear!! It certainly looks great, really good colors, makes me think it's from the company's earlier years. Great find, I'm sure it will look good on you:-)

  24. oh my goodness i LOVE those prints! what a find!! cute cardi too :)

  25. Your little question was well worth it. I always try to seek out boxes under tables etc at op-shops and have a sticky beak. I've found Pyrex and some of your Ladybird books like this.
    Those posters are amazing.

  26. im lucky my kids are still at the age where they have no say!! the big eyes! gonna post one to pippa!!...that`ll show her! xx

  27. Oh they are amazing Kylie, what an incredible find. I too always poke around in the post packs just in case but this is incredible. And you are very kind wanting to fly a few birds my boy's way- he will be stoked. mel x

  28. OMG OMG you are the luckiest....they look almost perfect.....d x

  29. Oh Wow! Amazing find. "Just a few old pictues"...ha ha. Well done.xx

  30. The big eyed prints are amazing!

    I found a great tea towel while thrifting yesterday - thought of you!

  31. Some things are just meant to be!
    I am staggered as I have come a calling today and saw your jumper....last weekend I bought one for my daughter and I have never heard of them before! It is indeed a small world....
    Thank you for calling round - drawers free for rummaging at any time
    Best wishes

  32. roll on winter??? urururhghghgriirhg...

    but yeah, sure. i don't know how you do it, finding this wooly gem, and then you do it.

    btw, the big eyes stroy makes me wonder.
    makes me really, really wonder why mrs brown never picked the sadness up? okay, cute as well, but they also look so sad, those vintage children...

  33. Thought Candy Pop would love them. I'm sure you'll find somewhere to hang them.Love the cardi too Kylie.

  34. Oh look at that cardigan! So wonderful. I love a bit of Nordic knitwear and look at those clasps. Well done for that score.

    I think that tablecloth looks rather similar to the one I got a little while ago, lovely flowers on it.

    I shall be intrigued to see what you do with these sad eyed children, if anyone has the ability to make them look amazing in a setting, it is you. xx

  35. So many beautiful things so little time to digest their beauty.I love the posters,they were companion of my childhood.