Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Vintage Tea Towel Tuesday (and winners from last week announced)

That's right, I said winnerS! (but more on that later...)

I really like this tea towel, even though it's not very old

there is just something special about Budgies, Cockies and Galahs. They are cheeky and charming. I know they make a mess (when we lived in the hills, they used to strip the new green honky nuts from our gum trees, eat the best bits, and spit their left-overs on the ground. This made it quite dangerous - especially for a clumsy-clot like me - I was always tripping over gum nuts!) but despite this (and a few sprained ankles!) I reckon no other bird comes close as far as character is concerned.

Have you seen Leila Jefferys  beautiful photographic portraits of these guys? Pop over and have a look, they'll blow you away - even if you're not a twitcher.

Here's the Galah or Rose-breasted Cockatoo on my tea towel

and here's Leila's  photograph of Queenie

see what I mean about character?!

Here's my t.t. Cockatiel Unique

and as before, here's Leila's

and cheekiness.

Brilliant Budgerigars (and Leila's are too!)

Now to the winners of those tea towels...

because it's nearly Christmas, I decided to give away all four. Ho! Ho! Ho! Here are the winners, drawn randomly:

1. Lea from We Like to Make Stuff (you get my fave of the day Lea. Yep everyone, the orange and brown one! Obviously!)

2. Dana from mid 2 mod - you're in the pink.

3. Annie from Artistica Domestica "Miss Poland" is yours.

4. Middle Aged Mum it's time to put the kettle on.

Congratulations girls, please send me your details and I'll post them off (I've got yours Lea) and thanks very much to all of you who took the time to comment x

Another vintage Chrissy card later today (and some new info on Irene Schricker



  1. You are SO generous...and my favorite Santa. :) I'm so excited about the pink TT.

  2. haha I got so excited about winning that I forgot to say how much I love the parakeet TTs. Budgies to you, I guess. :)

  3. Moi? WInning!? Miss Poland is quite the jolly floral. Thank you so much!
    I'm a big fan of the pink galah. Childhood memories out west and all that.

  4. Congrats to the winners. Lovely bird tt. I do like budgies. I've got a budgie pendant which I'm very fond of. When I was little I used to get 10p a week pocket money and it took me ages to save up for a budgie (Joey) and a cage (both £2 each). Poor Joey lasted two weeks before popping his clogs. Boo hoo.

    You're right, your header is lovely. It looks like some beautiful barkcloth. xx

  5. Oh what a glorious tea towel! Of course I am rather partial to an old budgie. My love of birds stems from my very first budgie bought by my best friend as a companion for me during 6 years of being bedridden with my neuro-immune illness. After 3 pet budgies we now have a naughty cockatiel. Thanks for sharing the link to Leila's photos....the portraits along with the names gave me quite the giggle! Xx

  6. Squeeeealllll. Who knew winning a teatowel would be this exciting. Thank you Kylie! I love it! I do! Yipppeeeee!

  7. Fabulous tea towels and what a great giveaway. You must be one of Santa's elves Kylie. *lol*

    Congrats tea towel winners!