Saturday, December 22, 2012

Say It With Flowers

This is how those 50's hostesses with the mostest did it in the late 50's

This is NOT how I'll be doing it on a 40 degree day 2012, although truth be told, those evergreens they seemed so fond of back then, would have a much better chance of standing up to the heat than my Magnolias will. If all else fails (there might not be any Magnolia's blooming for me to pick) I'm going to stick bits of succulent in little glass jars and light a few candles...

Please supply your own one liners. I know you will, and I know they'll be funny (you never disappoint - your comments are always hilarious) Some of these arrangements are begging for them - if only I had more probably won't have time to comment either come to think of it, but you can think funny comments in your head - that's what I did! 

"Perch a cascade of carnations and holly atop an elegant silver candelabra"

"Be sure to fireproof the greenery"

"Here's an arrangement you could make from the lower branches cut off a too tall Christmas tree"

"It's a Merry Christmas breakfast table"

"Simple yet sophisticated use of evergreen tips and cones"

Words and pics from Better Homes and Gardens Flower Arranging, published 1957.



  1. Soo much inspired floral arranging, I'm speechless! The carnations will look good next to my spam ham feast! xx

  2. Since my grandmother's sister-in-law owned a florist shop, there were always arrangements exactly like this all over our house during the 50s and 60s. Boy, does that bring back memories of the holidays when I was a kid!

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas, Kylie!

  3. I always buy cookbooks at estate sales if they are jammed with clippings that the owner liked. My fave is one from 60s newspapers - thinking I need to peruse for some decor inspiration.

  4. Don't actually mind that last poinsettia number. Seems carnations must be about due for a revival? I don't think they've been top of the pops since the late 80's. mel x

  5. All I have left to do today is purchase an 'elegant silver candelabra' and then get to the "3 bunches forra pound" flower stall on the market.

    Shoot! All he has left are dyed carnations in lurid purple and acid blue. Hardly festive.
    I'll just have to trim my tree and maybe dot some cherry tomatoes about. Make do and mend.

    I'm not sure the festive boiled egg toppers will be required this year. My husband had the audacity to suggest they were a little 'twee' last year.

    Now, how can I tart up a Menorah to look elegant and silver?

    Merry Christmas Kylie!

    Lucy x

  6. evergreen tips and cones look fine, but WHAT is that huge yellow square on the table (cheese on toast>?????)
    actually, when my friend had a Blue Spruce pine in her garden I always had some branches in the house at Christmas, (on a hall table never the meal table), I kinda miss Blue Spruce now at Christmas. Can't wait to see what your book has in store for us for New Year Decorations?

  7. Wow, I love those retro pics of yours, keep them coming! These flower arrangements are so wonderfully over the top:-)
    I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas, and look forward to more great sharing and conversations in 2013!
    All the best, Tove x

  8. Ikebana at Christmas! How zen, how holidays, how nanna!
    I was also wondering about that scarily yellow cheese toast. The true meaning of 'cheesy'.
    Last year I did arrange a few Yuletide 'vinaigrettes' but this year it's more sparse than spruce.

  9. They are so funny - the red flowers amused me the most! Thanks for sharing.

  10. The candlelabra is a bit intimidating,no3 i quite like.Looks like an interesting book,why don't we style like that anymore? Best wishes to your family for Christmas Kylie,see you 2013.

  11. Most of those decorations are still in use up here in Canada. I think the pine and candle centrepieces are often like the Berlin Wall. If it's big enough you can prevent family squabbles at Christmas lunch because they can't see each other.