Sunday, December 16, 2012

Vintage Christmas Cards...

to end the week with.

Starlit Carols
from an original painted with the mouth by Arn Uff.

Sadly I cannot find any information on Arn who also painted


Child of God
from an original painted with the mouth by Bruce Peardon

Bruce was an Australian who also wrote and illustrated several best-selling children's books. 

Silent Night
from an original painted with the mouth by Irene Schricker

Here's more of Irene's gorgeous work

I did scribble the details down somewhere before I popped this one in the post, but I can't find them anywhere and Saint Anthony's not listening! 

this is Irene's too (and it's one of my favourites)


And I know you won't mind if I end with a pic of the Jedster

our little space dog.



  1. Irene's paintings are my favourites! They are so simple and colourful.
    St Anthony is always engaged because my mother has him on speed dial.
    Does this mean Jed got the all clear?

  2. We don't mind at all! He's sooo cute, look at those eyes! I really hope he's getting better. Love your Christmas card features!
    Have a great week!

  3. Aw, he looks so sweet. Hope he recovers well.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Aww, poor wee pooch, they hate those collars dont they!

  5. *Big Cyber hugs to Jed*
    My Dog does not do well with cones. He HATES them with a passion and is pretty much petrified of them. *Eeeep*

  6. They're lovely, I bring out my few vintage ones every year. Along with all the glitter and glue encrusted ones from the kids, obviously.

    I hope you're all well, I've missed everyone's blogs. What happened to poorly space dog? Does he have any fancy dress parties to go to? He could be a martini

  7. I love the first card Kylie, so sweet! Sending best wishes to Jed!

  8. Poor poor Jed, hope he pulls through this, esp. as the weather is not nice to be wrapped up.Did you keep the bathmat bag or did it go "missing"?,you could re wrap and let your parents feel grateful they have had a cherish heirloom returned,ha. Liking the second card best.

  9. I don't think Jedstar likes his cone of shame LOL

  10. I had a boss many years ago whose son painted with his mouth. It's amazing to me what beautiful work can be done by people who don't have the use of their hands. You've shown us some outstanding cards by some incredibly talented artists. Thank you for sharing them.

  11. My mother prays to St Joseph to find her a car park - she swears by it! Not sure what the connection is ....

  12. Aren't those vintage cards so much nicer than what is available now-a-days?
    Hope Jed has been behaving himself with that cone around his neck.
    Keep your eye on your post..your dress is on it's way :)


  13. oh dear poor Jed!!! They always look comical don't they?! Guesshwat the postman brought me today!!!!!!!!!! I am so pleased I sound drunk!!! Excuse the typo there! I am absolutely chuffed as nuts, thanks so much. Will feature them and your stunning makes in my next post.
    Question...did you use a sewing machine? does it not break the needle? I would LOVE to sew things onto cards. Domt actually have a sewing machine though.....

  14. Bless his little atomic pup ness! On the mend? xx

  15. Ahh, Irene's angels are so pretty, I love them.
    How is Jed doing? Apart from NOT liking his collar? He looks sorry for himself, poor boy. xxxx

  16. Look at those big sad eyes....I do hope he is feeling a lot better.xx

  17. it's been x-mas all around my head already, in london...
    actually, have found you something extremely fetching... am not telling, will send it off soon. you just sit and wait until it gets there, sort of.
    you won't believe it when you see it, and i hope you haven't got it yet.
    there. tempting enough for you... ?