Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Baking 1960's Style

"the secret's in planning before you tie on your apron!"

A selection from my 1959 copy of Better Homes and Gardens, Holiday Cook Book ($2 local op-shop) How I wish I had this when it was retro cook-off time! It's a classic, and not a can of soup in sight! Although I will not be serving Blue-cheese Fluff to our Chrissy guests!

(although I am tempted...just the mention of the word fluff would have my sisters and I in hysterics. When we were kids we were not allowed to use the word 'fart' - it would've been tantamount to dropping the f bomb today (truly). Farts in our house were called fluffies or fluffs, there were(are) five kids in my family so there was always someone getting in trouble for dropping a fluff! Perhaps I should include Blue Cheese Fluff on the menu...just for laughs...)

Dessert time? Snip a festive cooky (sic) from the cooky tree.

From our house to yours. Holiday goodies to give to very special neighbours, cousins, aunts, and uncles. A nice way to say "just for you" at Santa season!

Fun to give delicious to eat.

Surprise? that word fills me with dread when it's used in a retro food context!

Confections and cookies that say "Happy Holiday"

Gala fruitcakes for the holidays.

Christmas on a platter - tuck in a holly sprig, light the candle, whisk this beauty to the table!

You could always do "salad and dessert all in one..."

maybe not...that's mayo not whipped cream in the middle!

Now a tea towel (it's Tuesday after all)

no relevance, unless you're planning a Medieval-themed Christmas feast?!

and Vintage Christmas Card # 6 (you know the drill)

Three Kings
from an original painted with the mouth by M. A. Turzo

(I can't find any info on this artist which is a pity, because I really like this one)


p.s. the Jedster is reovering from his op, we are waiting anxiously for pathology results. The vet reckons his tumour was a dodgy one. She's hopeful she got it all out, and so of course are we.


  1. Wow. A pink meringue bodied Santa. Who would have thought of that?? Best wishes for the Jedster.

  2. ha ha my heart lurched at the word "surprise" too!!!
    oh, i remember the days when anything and everything christmassy had those rainbow glace cherries in it. so sophisticated until you had to prise them out of your teeth with a tooth pick!
    poor jed. give him a scratch behind the ear from me x

  3. STOP! You're KILLING me! I wish I could just hug you with delight, the funny things you find and that go straight to my childhood memory heart! Seriously though, our lives have been lived in such a parallel it's amazing. Next lifetime I want you to come back as my sister.

  4. Ha ha. We used to call them fluffs also but Mum would have liked us to call them 'raspberries'. Lol. Do you know I am still looking for a tea towel for you and I found the cutest mushroom one in the op shop the other day but it had been put aside for someone else! Grrr. :) One day...

  5. I've never heard them called fluffs. That's the funniest thing I've ever heard! My mother made us call them "toots" or "stepping on a frog."

    I love the black swan TT. And I don't know that that pink stuff is with the candle in the middle, but I think I could eat half of it at one sitting.

  6. ps. we call them 'pumps' around here. not as delicate as fluffs but slightly nicer than 'trumps' as they call them in Yorkshire where I'm from! might not be able to call the bunny fluff now...

  7. I'm in awe of the pink christmassy cake! Sweet or savoury? What lies within it's layers? So many questions - so little time.
    It looks good - except the green icing between layers has me worried. Maybe anchovy and avacado spread?
    Lovely TT. Hope your dog pulls through well.xx

  8. I am almost certain I would scare my neighbours If i presented one of those platters!

  9. Hi sweet, wow that food is amazing!!!! The swan tea-towell fabulous.
    Sending a squirrel hug to your fur baby.
    Love v

  10. Fluffs? Never heard of that one. We used to have terribly squeaky floorboards in our house! The pink and green cake made me gag a bit! Really. Still keeping fingers crossed for Jedstar. xx

  11. So much colour. So many additives!
    Your nanna food is outstanding.
    I'm trying to retrain the small one to say fluff not fart as her over exposure to big boys is compromising her preschool vocabulary.
    We used to eat a lot of flummery for some reason as kids and used to pronounce it "fwummery" and laugh till we fluffed.
    Good times!

  12. Like Max, we used to call them "pumps" in our family! Can't get over the size of the candle in the middle of the dessert cake thingy! Fruit with mayo - eugh!!!!!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  13. I hope Jed dog is fine. I know how much one can love a dog.

    Speaking of dogs, whenever someone 'fluffs' in our house my husband says, 'Who let Woofy off the chain?'

    I hate glaze fruit.

  14. I would totally make the Jack Frost cake. All I needed to see was the Coconut. =p

    Hope your doggie heals up quickly.

  15. Fluffs and pumps and trumps and farts... Oh my! It was blowing off in our house. How did we get onto this? Oh yes - it was YOU, Kylie!
    What is it with the high colour in all this retro food? Is it the style of photography, or heavy use of food colouring? It does make everything look slightly queasily psychedelic!
    Wishing Jed the dog lots of luck with his recovery, give him a pat from me and Littlest. xxxxx

  16. Love the Jack Frost dessert .....very festive. Love your blog - I put out a request for new blogs reads on my own little blog and someone sent me over so, you know, Hi there!

  17. Kylie, these food photos are pure gold. How about all of those ornate fruit cakes on the glass shelves? And that big red candle in the middle of the pink cake...oh my :)

  18. aw, beautiful black swans on a vintage T. even in real life i find a black swan out of this world!
    had x-mas afternoon tea recently...
    yup, it looked like the images, and i'm sure it wasn't intended to...