Sunday, September 30, 2012

I want to show you the pretty, handmade purse I received from Tammi (of little poppa fame) when we met for lunch a few weeks ago,

it's as gorgeous as she is.

Tammi is about to launch her very own, vintage inspired fashion range, which she has called Dear Molly after her beloved Nan. 

and don't be thinking your garden variety tea dresses here either (lovely as they are) Tammi's frocks are going to have a much groovier, 70's vibe, and I know, they are going to be fabulous. 

You can read a little more about Tammi's plans here.
(I'll be sure to keep you posted too)

Not to be outdone by Tammi (imagine me clearing my throat here) I am so proud of myself it's embarrassing! Look what I whipped up on the Janome yesterday

aren't Maria Pascual's illustrations charming...

Yep, I've made cards for all occasions (watch out, you might get one!) The old book I snipped them from cost me twenty cents and was falling apart, I would never have cut into it if it was in good nick - I'm no barbarian Pippa.

I watched Quentin Bryce (our Governor-General, if you're not an Aussie) unveil Ralph Heimans Diamond Jubilee portrait of the Queen on the telly yesterday,

"she's a beautiful subject to paint, she has a great face" Ralph Heimans

image via and more here
and it reminded me of our own 'portrait' of her maj, recently rescued from our shed, and finally hung

(in tiny print at the base of the pic, it reads: Printed in England for H.M. Stationary Office. Cha (and I can't make out the rest of this, if you know please send me a note) and Sherwell Ltd. Northampton.)

in our hallway with all the other VIP's (that'll be us!) you can see reflected in her glass.

And here's a pic of a pretty plate I'm sending to someome special??? I wanted to share before I pop it in the post. Actually both plates (you can see a smidge of the other) are on their way to new homes. The one in the background is by Lucas Grogan and you can get one here (don't you look Woolfy) if it tickles your fancy.

By the by, I've just enrolled in an interior design course so I'm pre-tty excited about that (although the thought of making scale models and producing drawings is more than slightly terrifying)

Thanks for reading, have a wonderful week x  


  1. How Gorgeous is that bird plate.....fab colours & design. Those cards you made are just delightful too. And I'm loving the fab handmade purse. Everything is such a feast for the eyes!!! Xx

  2. Tammi's handmade purse is so pretty, and I love your cards with those wide-eyed girls. I'm fascinated with the portrait of the Queen. I'll have to study it more. Both those plates are beautiful. Somebody is going to be very happy to receive them.

  3. Oh lots of handmade goodness in your world....great to see creative people being just that creative. xx

  4. Kylie those cards are so adorable, what a brilliant way to breathe new life into an old book. I am quite taken with the portrait of the Queen as well, I imagine she fits in rather well with your family pics :)
    So excited that you have enrolled in that course, you will rock at it, believe me.
    Looking forward to our next catchup, lots to share.

  5. Clever and inspring yet again. Yes, I'm talking about your missus. Those cards are wonderful and those illustrations are so familiar..

    Wow, good luck on the interior design course. I'm sure you'll be a natural. xx

  6. Oops, sorry. I'm not talking about YOUR missus. No. I'm talking about YOU missus. Sorry, my comment didn't make sense.

    I'll go now......xx

  7. Interior design-how exciting!!! Love the cards, great rescue of those ace drawings x

  8. Kylie your posts are always jammed packed with so many interesting fabulous things! An interior design course sounds great - its just what I picture you doing!! You'll have to give us updates once you've started.

  9. Beautiful bird plate - the blue is fantastic! It's just all round brilliant. And your cards are so cool- the illustrations are indeed fabulous.

    Nice one on the interior design course - go for it - you'll probably be a total whizz at it and forge a magical new career for's looking at you, kid. ;)

  10. No barbarian? Course not? I would never tag a fellow crafter/vintage lover/interior designer such a beastly name! Loving the janome adventures, card making is fun!
    Those plates are very lovely, lucky recipient!
    Tell me where is your course? Is it online? Xx

  11. Love your portrait of the Queen Kylie. Years ago I spotted a beautiful portrait of her (the type you see hanging in halls) in a local second hand shop and put off buying it. The shop closed down and I have regretted being so stingy ever since :) Love your cards too, very clever!

  12. That handmade purse is stunning, Tammi's shop will be a big success I know.
    And cards for all occasions, you're set now. I buy so many books with the thought of 'I'll cut them up' but I nearly never do. The gift cards I made only came about because the book was so damaged and was 20c too.

  13. Good luck with your course! Love the cards, the illustrations are fab. I really like the new portrait of the Queen - has a stillness and grace - in my humble opinion.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  14. all that prettiness.....arent you a clever clogs
    Allison ;)

  15. Ooh that purse is divine! Lucky you!! I adore your cards...those ilustrations are really special. And I too can only use the falling apart books. Best of luck and many wonderful adventures with your new course. You'll be a star! Wishing you a beautiful week of smiles and cups of tea :) x

  16. Love the cards! Want one/some!! Are you selling them?
    Interior Design - go you!! Sounds great.
    ps God Save the Queen.x

  17. Portrait of the queen as a young her majesty is wonderful. She was a pretty young princess.

  18. The plate is gorgeous, and I LOVE the cards, you must link this post up tomorrow. How exciting about the interior design course, I can really see you having a flair for it.

  19. That's Tammi really is clever isn't she! I'll be popping over to her blog soon to get the low down. Your cards are beautiful Kylie, what a great way to use vintage books. And those plates...gorgeous, the blue birdie one is definitely my fave.

    ps. good luck in your course, so exciting, just what I want to do next year. I've been putting it off for 10 years.

  20. Hi Kylie, the bag is gorgeous, I shall be popping over to see what Tammi is up to. The cards are fantastic! Especially the red riding hood.

    Oh, how exciting,will be fantastic at interior design, you must post some pictures of your progress. Tam x

  21. too late! i've looked. weren't you silently whispering into your sleeve i would be absent from here. but no-ho! not this morning! i've been browsing love,.. ha.
    that queen painting is intricate too! but i like yours in the hall way better!

    way to go on your course!!!! oooooh, keep us posted, of course, you will.