Friday, September 28, 2012

Open House Perth

detail vintage t.towel. pure linen. made in Poland.

Did you know the thriving metropolis (the city of Perth) is throwing open the doors to some of its most beautiful heritage/contemporary buildings in November?

Yep, on the weekend of the third and fourth, you can have a good old fashioned sticky beak and a nosey, around buildings like the Concert Hall, Council House (two of my favourites) and Perth Arena (not feeling the love for this one, yet) and it won't cost you a cent either. More info here

The people organising Open House Perth are also on the hunt for volunteers and you don't have to be a hipster, happening designer, or black skivvy wearing architect type to help out either (I'm thinking Iggy Peck here). I'm not, and I am.*

Click here if you'd like to help out.  

image found here

actually, I look a bit more like this - apart from the perfect bun in her hair ie. mine are always on the wonky side. Up do's have never been my forte.  



  1. Sounds like our Doors Open Day here in Scotland. It is a wonderful opportunity to volunteer and learn so much more about our own towns and cities.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. hope you will have a ball?
    am expecting première row reports, and all that.
    no less.

  3. Wow sounds like fun. I hope you will share some highlights.

  4. That really is a great idea - I also enjoy the chance to look around buildings that are usually off limits. Love the way you managed to sneak in a TT to illustrate this!

  5. Sounds like a fantastic event. I hope you'll tell us all about it. And I agree with Sharon...smooth move with the TT. :)

  6. It sounds great, and right up your alley, Kylie! xxx

  7. Love the tea towel. Open houses sound great! Hope you have a great time.x

  8. Good on you ,Volunteer Kylie.
    You'll have a ball I know.

  9. oo that sounds fab, i think they do something like that here in fact they had the Martello towers open a couple of weeks ago but i nevr got around to getting to them :(

  10. You'll make a fine tour guide! Have a ball and tell all! ....oh look I'm rhyming on your blog, yes sav blanc again!:)