Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I had no intention of pitting my wits against blogger's new interface so quickly, but when something as lovely as this arrives on your doorstep, procrastination is not an option.

(so far so good)

Beautiful Western Australia tea towel cushion, handmade by Lea

You wouldn't believe the knot I tied in my bloggy knickers, when I read they'd be changing their interface tout de suite' (I don't even know what an interface is, for God's sake! And that's no lie!) It took me almost two years just to get the hang of the old one, so I (ridiculously) thought my bloggy days were over.

(turns out it's a sinch and I'm just a drama queen. pitting my wits? seriously?) 

I'm calling it my homie cushion.

I was having such a crapity crap day too, until I found it

I'm all smiles now though...just call me Pollyanna. It's all rainbows and sunbeams from here on, and that's down to Lea's kindness.  

Black swan - bird emblem of Western Australia

Lovely cushions for us all, no more sore bottoms from sitting on bare Brentwoods. Speaking of bottoms, you should see the gorgeous mustard corduroy Lea used to back my cushion. Delicious.

So, the moral(s) of this story?

1. Don't get worked up and stressed out about things, until/if you really have to.

2. Crappy days can get better.

3. Kindness can never be over rated.

And I quote Glen Campbell here: "you got to try a little kindness, yes show a little kindness, just shine your light for everyone to see..."

I so remember getting down and rocking o.u.t. to this when I was a kid, about the same time I was a.k.a. Colleen...

4. Vintage tea towels make awesome cushions.

(as if you didn't already know that, right?)

Thanks Lea, your cushion really cheered me up x


to the rest of you,

thanks for reading, wish I knew you guys in real life x 


  1. That is very cool Kylie, nothing like a kind gesture and real mail to cheer a girl up! Love that cushion and the tag too. Do I need to be doing the new interface thing too?

  2. I was cheered up big time by an unexpected parcel today! My husband thinks I have a secret admirer, made comments about getting a room!
    Love the cush, I'm a big fan of mustard yellow! Well I'm off the read my new macramé knot book, learning some new macramé moves! xx

  3. Fabulous cushion, no wonder that perked you right up!
    I am a terrible one for getting in a tizz about stuff, then realising I am over-reacting and it's actually fine... Just breathe.
    Love a bit of Glen Campbell. Galveston and Witcheta Lineman take me back to my childhood in an instant. xxxxx

  4. Rockin' to Glen Campbell, now you're talking Colleen! Love it. Glad to hear your day got better. There is a lot of kindness out there and it's nice to be on the receiving end occasionally! xx

  5. I smile every time I look at the tea towel you sent me, so you deserve all the kindnesses you receive. You're just being repaid for your own sweet generosity!

  6. You and Zara have got the tea towel cushions looking very dapper. There are many tea towels here to be 'made over' if I can just reunite with that sewing machine. How lovely to have a WA emblem in there as well!

  7. That is a lush cushion cover!!! Cool!
    Posted you a little something yesterday. Keep yer eyes peeled
    X x x

  8. Your new cushion is so cute, what a lovely gift.

  9. It's gorgeous, and so you!
    I am woefully neglecting my blog and blog friends at the moment, not sure what's the matter with me.

  10. Lovely cushion! Dana's comment sums it up perfectly - its wonderful to see your generosity and thoughtfulness repaid like this!

  11. Ohh lovely. What a stunning little cushion. You're getting a nice little collection happening now.

  12. That's gotta be the best TT I have seen in a king and how lucky are you. xx
    Well done to keep posting x

  13. Great cushion! Lea is very clever!
    Totally agree that kindness can never be over rated - Glen Campbell says so.xx

  14. I vote for blog life over real life any day. Real life = changing of interfaces + stress + big companies who don't really give a hoot. Blog life = changing of interfaces + big companies who don't really give a hoot + kind fellow bloggers who send awesome gifts. Whoo Hoo!
    And isn't it amazing the sheer joy a cushion can contain! Two bits of fabric with stuffing in between, often under our "patooties" and still soooo expensive in department stores. Go figure.

  15. What a sweetie! Looks great. Glad your day got better Kylie. :)

  16. That cushion is gorgeous...I can understand how it put a smile on your face and turned your day around.
    I too found e new interface a bit of a nightmare but once you get the hang of it it's really much easier :)

  17. Lucky you! Gorgeous cushion.
    Have a great weekend!

  18. Fabulous cushion!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  19. Your new lovely cushion looks right at home with the others.Have been flicking back and forth between old and new interfaces for months.Some things are not an improvement! Hope you haven't blown away in all that wild weather you've been getting.Enjoy the weekend

  20. so i just wanted you to know that this has to be the hottest saturday all summer and ive just been arading around the house in the lovely scarf you sent me. i love it!!