Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Although we're not selling the kitchen sink (not at this garage sale anyway!) we do have a piece of prime real estate for sale. What are your thoughts on Tudor Revival? No, not really my cup of tea either, but this little gem comes fully furnished and would make the perfect home for a young couple starting out, or a more mature couple looking to downsize. It would also be a great investment property to add to your portfolio...close to shops, public transport, schools etc this home will rent quickly.

Ok, that's enough of my (crappy) sales pitch. I'll let the pictures do the talking...

Yep. It's a Fisher-Price Tudor dollshouse circa 1980.
Garage door rolls up and down and door bell rings (Fancy!)

Here's a few interior shots (Inside Out and co, eat your hearts out!)
I think they call this a "chef's kitchen"?
"I'm sorry for being a naughty girl Mummy. I won't do it again. Let me in. Pleeeeese"

you could sit and watch those fames flicker forever...

a touch of Carl Larsson in the master bedroom


I love this 70's-ish wall hanging in the nursery

Cheap as chips out our garage sale, well, waaaaay cheaper than the one's I've just seen on e-bay anyway!

(btw, these clever people are making their own dolls houses: MaxClaire and Carmel if you'd like to have a look...)

We've also got one of these for sale

   a 1970's pac-a-pic picnic set, made in England.

(just like those Fisher-Price flames...I could sit and watch this video for hours)
Looks cool, not too sure if it's practical though. It would be the last thing you'd feel like washing when you got home from your picnic! Here's what it looks like inside

four of these all stacked up. A strange 70's take on a Japanese Bento box. Well, kind-of, Bento boxes aren't put together with an "occy strap" like this is

Sticking with orange, what self-respecting g.s. would be complete without one of these?

when I found it in the shed my first thought was these

And before I head back out to the shed to sort through more junk  treasure, we are also selling tonnes of


More tomorrow x


  1. Oh wow! I wish I had neices then I would have an excuse to buy the doll house! Pretty please send me your address! That mickey tapestry is so cute. xx

  2. Your sale is going to be EPIC! I just saw all the canisters on your last post, made me smile. What are you making room for?

  3. Those tapestries! Calling out to me, they are - it's a good thing there's a lot of ocean between us.

  4. Tapestries are lovely. Good luck with the sale!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. I just squealed! You wouldn't know what my squeal's like unless you hear it first hand - it's quite something! Your garage sale is going to be epic!

    When is it? Pleeease tell me before November. I am so there!!! I hand in my last assignment tomorrow and then I'm off to Midland to see if operettas is still available! Fingers crossed!

    That orange cat tapestry is mine! Well, if I'm still in Perth when you hold the sale.

    P.S. Just dropped you an email!

    x Aliya

  6. I would so be there if I was in Perth. I have that vintage FP dolls house, it was mine as a child in the early 90s :)

  7. That pic-a-pac video is just strange... s'pose, by his name, its for ebay selling. but then it could equally be one of those strange short, arty, films. can't convince myself it's not balanced on top of a henry hoover though, which distracted me a bit;) And lawdy, yes, they must be a devil to wash - not for the lazily-inclined, like me, at all...

    Cool FP house - though I am alarmed at the poor little girl squashed against the door; has the chef banished her? we need to know;)

    Good luck with the sale - the stock is looking gorgeous! x

  8. OOOOOOOOoooooaaaaggggghhhhhh! Why are you so far away! I would buy: the doll house, the yellow canisters from yesterday's post and at least three of the tapestries I can see! You have MARVELLOUS taste!

    Sarah xxx

  9. This will be the sale of the century :)

    If I can convince hubby that I don't already have enough 'stuff' I am so at your gge sale :)


  10. I think I could quite happily live in that little house :-)x

  11. You know i love the dolls house, i did the post of my 60's version but the tudor 80's house is way upmarket - blooming brilliant! Your sale is going to be amazing. Scarlett x

  12. OMG, and I thought I had loads of junk, I mean vintage treasures. Love the cannisters of yesterday. Would love to add a few of those to my jar collection.

  13. Where did you get all this great stuff?

    Yours will be the classiest garage sale in the Universe! I love that 70s stacker thing. Would love to get my greasy mitts on that one!

  14. Ooh I love the dolls house. It is so pretty and even has a garage for a mini car (or carriage!)

  15. Crikeys! When is this sale? It will be the best garage sale eva! I should look at air fares and visit Perth...but then again I don't NEED anything else in my life...I have my health (she said plaintively)
    I have tried imagining them naked, and concentrate so much that I end up staring unblinkingly and manically at the audience, so much so I think they fear for their life! Ah, but I have my health!

  16. I agree, your is my dream garage sale, one i'd nee to hire a trailer for!!!! i especially like the alphabet cross stitch thingy, and the interior of the doll house is awesome, I am going to have to paint something on mine like that somewhere I think...

  17. I always wanted a dolls house growing up but then my little sister got one!!! Don't think I will ever get over that one - by then I was too old to play. This house is gorgeous.

  18. I can't believe how much I want to be at your yard sale!! I'm sure you will have a brilliant day and all the work will be worth it xx

  19. Oh my, oh my, oh my........I need so many things I see, seriously I do. Oh how I wish I could teleport myself, you're garage sale would make light work of our redecorating efforts.