Sunday, October 2, 2011

Today we went to the Perth Royal Show, my favourite thing? sadly, it was the Churro (chocolate sauce and fresh cream on the side. yum.) I demolished in two seconds flat! Seems like nothing much has changed...

Here I am, at the show with my beautifully dressed Mum, Dad and sister. I can't believe my Mum is wearing pantyhose and my Dad, a sport's coat! These days jeans, short shorts (never mind the legs!) and thongs are de riguer. Anyway, I'm the fat kid clutching with grim determination to my little Arnott, Mills and Ware's biscuit case. Apparently I screamed my head off if anyone was brave enough to try and take it from me...and from the expression on my face I don't doubt this for a second. My Mum believed that a fat kid was a healthy kid and as you can see, I was a very healthy little girl! Ha!
I love this photo though, it's one of my favourites despite my rather piggy-ish appearance.

"this little piggy..."

Some quick notes on The Perth Royal Show:
Established in 1831 as a showcase for W.A agriculture, livestock and industry.
Although events like sheep dog trials, wood chopping and equestrian events are still held, the main reason people go to the show today is to spend oodles of money on showbags and terrifying rides...and in my case, Churros!

if those guys in khaki don't win a prize, this game's definetely rigged!

a touch of Modernism, see it in the background...
(not a pair of pantyhose in sight!)

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

oooh! scary!

And to end, a pic of the first and only time I have been on a Ghost Train...

with Annabel, Luna Park, St Kilda.

This was taken on our way in...we closed our eyes the second we "crashed" through whatever those doors are called that you crash through and our eyes remain closed for the duration of the ride. I am still a scaredy-cat: (the Chair Lift was my only "ride" today!) Annabel however, likes them fast, high and vomit inducing! (just like her Dad and big Sister...)



  1. You were the healthiest little pudding ever lol.I do wish people would dress up more these days and ditch the shorts and thongs dress.

  2. I haven't been to the show in quite a few years! I love those photos of you with your family. People don't make as much effort when they're going out for these days, it's sad. Podgy kids are always cuter.

    Em x

  3. Love those pics, Kylie, especially the first and last. Yup, looking at pics of my mum and dad back in the day, they always look so elegant and dapper. I too am a scaredy cat when it comes to fairground rides - not a fan. xx

  4. Looks like fun! Absolutely love your photograph - so sweet!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. Hee Hee, so cute. Love your mums hair! I still have pics to put up of the Royal Adelaide show back in September. Bit slack hey! Looks like you had a good day for it! Sherry :)

  6. Love love love that photo. In fact looks a lot like me in both cheeks and expression and clutching of treats. Churro's are the absolute best thing ever, just had my first at seaworld recently. Was most excited to discover a trashy womens mag featuring Eva Longorias personal churro recipe and it's dairy free- due to all the LARD instead! melx

  7. two seconds? that IS a record! ha ha ha..
    why be sad though... ;)))

    the picture is divine.
    isn't it uncanny how children can look so unnervingly emotional, in pictures? children really don't give a toss about appearance. i admire that sometimes.

    listen, i gotta tell you. the only way i survived a scaredy ride back then was by keeping the eyes tightly shut. i do it to this day, if the occasion befalls me. rather not so often.

  8. Looks like a fun day, love how you connected past to present! (And thanks so much for popping by my little blog...) ~ Jenny

  9. I love the fair, but must admit to dressing for comfort when I visit. I love the scary rides and there's no way I'd want my dress blowing over my head in mid-air!
    What strikes me most about these pictures is that you study the detail in the black and white, but just sort of 'scan' the high-definition colour shots.

  10. All the fun of the fair! Them were the days aye, your mum looks amazing, I love her dress; and your expression, it translates as a swear word really doesn't it lol!!!!

  11. when l was about 8 l nearly fell out of the cha cha at the show and have always been terrified of rides since.....dodgem cars are about my speed...oh and churro's so yummy....

  12. That's such a great family pic - I love your belligerent expression and vice like grip on your treasure! Mmm, churros...

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  14. Lovely photos Kylie - I can also remember the days when people dressed up to go anywhere. From my perspective what strikes me most about the latest ones is the wonderful blue sky & sunshine!!! Thanks for leaving me such a nice comment - one of the things I miss the most about the Southern Hemisphere is lemon trees - I could do with one here! I also really liked the friezes on your last post. (I've been battling to leave comments lately & realised today that it only works now if I use Google Chrome - anything else and all I get is an error message!!) Looks like you had 2 great days out - Sharon xx.

  15. Fab frocked up photo and you look cuddly cute.

    I love dolling up a bit, but I do draw the line at stockings on a summers day. I can remember my now mother in law telling me I had to wear stockings on my wedding day. No way, not even then.

    Went to the Perth show a couple of years ago when we were living there and it was lots of fun. Wood chop is always a must on our list.

  16. Kylie I love the picture of you and your family, i was a chubby child so have plenty of big cheeked pictures lol.

    The show looks like fun, i am so scared of ghost trains after a horrible experience on on as a child where i was scared to death so wouldnt be back on one ever again! Scarlett x