Monday, October 31, 2011

There's no flies on you guys, that's for sure...

I know Nick's not the only perceptive one out there, but I do especially love her comment on the grandiose, and let's face it, totally ridiculous statement I made on Friday  ie: I no longer op-shop.

Here's what she wrote

Ah, so you no longer op-shop I dare you to say that to me in six months time with total truth, no sidelong shuffling of the feet, no changing the subject.

Ummmm, shuffle-shuffle, cough-cough...try two days Nick!

I have to admit, I have had a slight relapse. It's time to 'fess up...yesterday I succumbed and bought this


and this


In my defence I just want to say that it's not always easy when you volunteer in an op-shop to resist temptation. And I have done a marvelous job (until yesterday) I still haven't checked out the three oppies just minutes from my new job, and I've almost worked there for a month!

So on that note, I think I'd better temper what I said on Friday with this disclaimer: 

I will continue to op-shop when the mood strikes me, but I will be extremely selective about what I decide to buy.

I think that just about covers've seen the garage sale pics...I NEVER want to go there again!

I thought it would be fun to end with a tea towel

Have you missed them?

I haven't linked to Sophie's for ages, here goes... 


  1. I really should check out the all links on your blog - those two blogs you just linked to are great! Always good to discover new, worthy blogs.

    And blimey o'riley the cuckoo clock is a top buy indeed. Brilliant object. As is the bag. You couldn't have been more excellently selective. ;)

  2. Oh that is completely hilarious. I no longer op! Two days, eh? xx

  3. classic Kylie, never say never aye! Whats the thing in the middle? It looks cool, as in I like the colour and the print, but what is it, I'm thinking a waterproof deck chair cushion?!!

  4. I was wondering how you would cope, I know I wouldn't!

  5. Classic!! I did actually wonder to myself how long you would last. I guess if you are being really selective then it's alright :)


  6. Oh dear, Snow white has drifted already! Well it's understandable, the cuckoo clock is pretty hard to resist. I absolutely LOVE the teatowel - those crocs look hungry for spectators!

  7. You can't take the thrift out the girl completely. Love your finds, that cushion is fantastic.

  8. I couldn't have resisted that clock either-don't feel bad!! ;)

  9. That cuckoo clock would have been coming home with me if I'd seen it! Can completely understand the relapse!

    Jem xXx

  10. Phew! I think we all felt a stab of disappointment upon reading "I no longer op-shop".
    Quality will always win over quantity, having said that, I doubt you've ever bought anything naff (unlike me).
    My mother is desperate for a cuckoo clock, I would have a hard time deciding whether or not to give it to her, or keep it!

  11. The cuckoo clock is on my to get list!
    So I do not even blame you in the slightest for getting it.
    The cushion is a beaut & I adore that handbag immensly.

    You can't lose if you continue to Op and just be very selective. Because you never know what you will come across when opping. (I once purchased a $7.00 handbag and sold it on E-bay for about $315.00. Had I not opshopped... I would have not hit a little jackpot on a hidden treasure thrift find.

    Unlike you I still have alot of stuff to donate. But after I do a few days of sorting I just get bored and give up for another month. LOL (It's kind of a slow process over here.)

  12. I am the same as you right now. I am only buying from chairty shops if i really need it ( which i don't ) and if i can't live without it ;-) And im only going into them when the mood strikes which i have to say at the moment isn't a lot. Lovely buys though im loving the cushion gorg fabric, dee xx

  13. I'm with you - having moved into the world's tiniest little house, I have to be extreeemely choosy. But I don't think I can ever stop op shopping entirely!

    Sarah xxx

  14. "Hmpgh" she slurred, swilling down her beer, "I KNEW you wouldn't last!" Yes, 'tis true, beer on a Wednesday. But I am bored and haven't had my fix...aka opshopping and a fellow addict knows a fellow addict. I KNEW you wouldn't last a week, but I was just being polite! And I prophesise that you won't be selective either...but you will hide that dirty little secret, maybe furtively donating at various opppies during late night drops wearing the appropriate disguise. Yeeees, I have your number!