Thursday, October 20, 2011

A word on John Waters: BRILLIANT.

We haven't laughed so much in ages. It was shocking, without a doubt, but very funny.  The only downer was that I forgot to bring my camera. This was v. silly because not only did Mr Waters do a meet and greet after the show (how many celebs do that these days?) but also because I was unable to take any pics of The Perth Concert Hall, a beautiful Modernist building I had almost forgotten about.

This photo isn't's not a particularly good one either (this coming from me!) but it's better than nothing...

The Perth Concert Hall, construction completed 1972
image from here

And while searching for C.H. pics I found this one, here 

I couldn't believe my eyes! It's one of our favourite buildings! Anthony and I have driven into the city (Northbridge) on many occasions just to check it out. On our last little "pilgrimage" (not so long ago) it was still a functioning electrical repair shop. We could see the little old man working away inside through the front window. Now it has been abandoned, probably awaiting demolition...we had dreams, as you do, of buying it and making it our home. Well, that's one dream that's been shattered. Sigh.

Anyway...I am over. Totally. Our garage sale. So no pics today. Instead I'll end with a quote from John Waters

you have to remember that it is impossible to commit a crime while reading a book

for someone described as a shock auteur supreme, he has alot of quite sensible ideas.


  1. I love the concert hall! Hopefully it is around for many more years (unlike the poor Playhouse). Have you been to the State Theatre yet? I know brand new isn't your thing but the Heath Ledger Theatre is just amazing and has quite a modernist feel. Studio Underground is also awesome. Actually, I love the whole piece of architecture.

  2. That is a fine looking building! John waters did a meet and greet, thats so cool, and old school good.Unbelievable what they are allowed to knock down (and build) isn't it x

  3. That is a nice dream. What a great house to live in! There is a verandah to the side, and I love vertical louvres. (I was inspired by them when we built our house and wanted metres of them, but our builder a damper on that. I don't think they will pull down something so beautiful...some fabulous person will do it up and put a coffee shop/gift/art/antique shop on the bottom floor, and do a fabulous reno on the top, that will be featured in InsideOut. This fabulous person, will have worked in publishing or public relations and will have taken time out for their dream. The fabulous person photographs as very retro chic. She has it all together. Bitch!

  4. oh John Waters - you are lucky!! I heard an interview with him on triple j yesterday - he is brilliant! completely shocking... but brilliant nonetheless!

  5. p.s - thanks for your jeans opinion. i think im going yellow :)

  6. What a shame that building has gone down hill. I have never been inside the concert hall before. Good quote!

  7. i like waters' quote. i like it doesn't make too much sense.