Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Knit Wit

Remember that "riveting news" I mentioned in my last post?
(I'm talking knitting here, not my fringe) 
Well, I wanted to show you the beanie I made.
Officially it's called the lumberjack beanie, but because I made it for Anthony who is no lumberjack, and because we've spent a few days at the beach I'm calling it the fisherman's beanie.
Anthony, Melros Beach, yesterday.
So Frenchy, he's chic ;)

Admittedly it's a bit wonky and my pom-pom needs work, but I'm pretty pleased with my efforts. I've discovered (for me) knitting is much less headache-inducing than sewing (which I've all but shelved), and most importantly, Anthony isn't embarrassed to wear it in public. He says "it does the job" 

he might be a man of few words, but he's no fool! He probably wanted to say "it could double as a tea cosie!" but he didn't. I bet that's what he was thinking though. I bet it was on the tip of his tongue ;)

What more can a beginner knitter hope for?!


  1. I'm so impressed. I've tried to learn to knit, and I simply can't do it. I'm all thumbs!

  2. That's pretty impressive Kylie! Were you knitting in the round? I'm particularly pleased that you finished with a pompom, and your man wore it. Good fella. Now, where's that fringe? :D xxx

  3. Well look at you, go girl! You'll be joining our yarn tour next year. I'm a bit impressed that you tackled a real project with shaping for your beginner steps, this just maybe your thing. My brother is down from QLD and I am heading to MONA and Port Arthur over the next couple of days, be prepared for touristy pics

  4. Looking good Kylie. I am currently knitting a very basic cardi/jacket thing from a BHG pattern.

  5. What's this about a fringe miss? 😉 Do share!
    Well done on your venture into knitting - love the title on this post - actually my mum was into Knit Wit sewing with the stretchy fabrics - 😂

  6. it's fab, I love the colour, Mr D is a man of many funny hats but I'm pretty sure he would never wear a hat I knitted, if I could knit one, which I can't so he's safe...

  7. Winning Kylie...that is far more than I could ever knit. Anthony is rocking that beanie with some serious style x

  8. Well look at you go girl! I am working on a scarf atm too. It's been about ten years in the making actually. Now I'm sure you're thinking it must be realllllly long but nope. Sadly it's not for the BFG, it's just for little old me who's gone off the wool choice after all this time. Ps What a good sport Anth is. Pss show us your fringe.