Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Castle Fun Park

When I was a kid I used to beg my parents to go to Castle Fun Park, but they always, always said "No!". It didn't matter how artfully little me posed the question, their resolve was steely, they never cracked! (they just cranked up Roger Whittaker or Demis Roussos on the car stereo to drown my whiny pleas)
So for years, the only glimpses I got of the closest thing in Perth to Disneyland, were from the back seat of our Kingswood as we drove past. Sniff. Their refusal to budge still hurts actually - because I really, really wanted to tell my friends that I'd swum in a pool shaped like Australia and sat on a (real life) throne! It's all a bit sad really...and it gets sadder. You'll see in a sec because a couple of days ago I finally got my chance to visit Castle Fun Park - or to be more precise, what's left of it!

CFP was built in 1979 and abandoned in the early 2000's. Subsequently most of it was destroyed by a bush fire. Vandals have all but finished off the rest.

The Bavarian Castle then  
image via
(and no, I didn't nick that swan Sue!)
and now
Lucky duck! I'm still a little bit jealous! Image via
And I was scared before I saw this!
I would've thrown my twenty cents pocket money into the wishing well if I'd had the opportunity...perhaps I wouldn't be here now if I did - I might be living in a castle instead of the wonky old shop house...
This aint Disneyland!

Things aren't what they used to be that's for sure!

Check this neat little video to compare and contrast and for a hit of 80's nostalgia. The soundtrack alone cracked me up. 
And please send me a note if you were one of the lucky ones who got to paddle in Tasmania(!) 


  1. No me neither....was always a mystery as we went past and glimpses snippets through the trees...really why haven't they just gotten rid of it and cleaned up the site....there is a housing development now on its boundaries I think. X

  2. Oh man!!!!!!!! Def seen better days :(

  3. If it's any comfort, I never got to go to Disneyland as a child. ;) But I have gone to Disneyworld as an adult...and it wasn't nearly as magical as I expected it to be. Maybe I was expecting too. I'll agree, though, that Castle Fun Park has seen better days.

  4. Never even knew it existed and I moved here in 1986 :(

    1. Hi Vicky, it's on the corner of Leisure Way and Old Coast Road, Halls Head if you fancy a look x

    2. Thanks Kylie, next time we are down that way will check it out :)

  5. Oh no, what a shame! Your parents were tough Kylie! Look at that Bavarian castle. I want to live in it!! Xxx

  6. Thats so sad, we had Magic Mountain on the Gold Coast and that closed down got vandalised. Got knocked down and now there are apartments on the mountain. My parent never took me to Magic Mountain so I totally got this post. I would have been a little scared walking around Castle Fun Park you are more game than me.

  7. My parents must have been even craftier than yours cause I never even knew it existed! I would have LOVED it! El Cabelo Blanco and Atlantis were the extent of my childhood themed outings. Where is this castle of which you speak??

  8. Oh dear god! I knew it had seen better days - but this is much worse than I expected! I actually did visit this I think? In about 1983 or so? I wonder what happened to the swan Kylie- hope it migrated to it's happy place!

  9. Oh no that's so sad!!! I wish you'd gotten to see it in its prime. I find abandoned playgrounds/fairgrounds really creepy, such a shame :-(

  10. Oh, how sad that it's been vandalised. I hope that someone is able to buy it and make it magical again.

  11. Hello Kylie! You won my Salty giveaway! Can you please send me an email with your mailing address. hello at michellecrawford dot com dot au

    Cheerio Michelle

  12. What about this place Kylie?

    Perth's very own safari park... And they say Perth's progressed yet we no longer have dolphins jumping through hoops, dancing horses, fairyland castles and man-eating tiger drives. Pff.

  13. I am cut from the same cloth as your parents - no Disneyland (or equivalent) for my kids either, hahaha! But I must say, there is something desperately sad about these photos, or is it just my melancholy mood?
    Anyway - Tania said you were asking after me, and here I am, commenting and blogging myself, after all this time!
    Sending love from me and Nina. xxx