Monday, June 27, 2016

In Da Club*

It's official! I'm a bona fide, honourary, paid-up member of the Manchester Modernist Society!
 Look, here's my membership card
 and my badge
I'm going to wear it to work tomorrow and my work-mates will look at me with a "what the?!" expression.

Why Manchester? 
(Liverpool, Sheffield and Birmingham have Modernist Societies too)
Well, if Manchester's good enough for Johnny Marr, it's good enough for me!
(obviously I'm a Smiths tragic)
And, unfortunately there's not an Australian Modernist Society, perhaps there should be? Perhaps there is? Please let me know. 

Sadly, after eight years Modernist Australia is no more (as far as I'm aware it was as close as we got...) Patricia and Pete certainly increased awareness and appreciation of Australian mid-century architecture, and I'll miss their posts.
(another good blog bites the dust!)

Here's the link to all four societies if you'd like more info.

Other riveting news: I've got a fringe and I'm teaching myself to knit.

* 50 Cent, 2003.


  1. Congratulations! Now you must start planning a trip to Manchester to inspect their assets. Maybe we should start a Perth Modernist Club?!

    1. I fear we would be the only members Patsy ;)

  2. Ooh, you'll be needing a trip to the old Country to join your club?! I want to see knitting and the fringe! Xxx

  3. Riveting it is. Any society is good. Almost any. I am still missing you; so do, do wear that badge already. Every day is like Sunday anyway! 😉
    tiny as ever. F*** yeah!

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  5. haha you wear that with pride girly