Monday, March 16, 2015

More of me bunging pictures up just to keep my hand in round here...

I've wanted to show-off my beautiful peachy Sonia Rykiel frock since I found it in an op-shop last year. I had one little problemo though, and that was getting a photo of me wearing it where I didn't look:

on something
like I had a stick shoved up my ar**
  "  a rabbit caught in the headlights
etc. (you get the gist)

I've decided to go with what I've got (well the best (ahem!) of a very bad bunch anyway) because when it comes to posing the harder I try the worse 'they' get (seriously I don't know what's wrong with me??? What am I going to do when if the girlies get married? I'll completely wreck their wedding photos and they'll hate me! I'm just useless in front of the camera - there's NO denying it!)

Anyroad "beggers can't be choosers", Sonia deserves an airing. Especially a five dollar Sonia! (although I paid for alterations I'd still call that a screaming bargain wouldn't you?) Just remember to look at the frock not the dork wearing it.
Poetry in motion???
This is one of my better snaps
Hang on, scratch that, this one's much better!
Mouth like a cat's bum. Told ya!

If only I had the grace and charm of this beautiful and inspirational woman
image via
Eileen Kramer
(did you catch her doco last night on Compass? Must watch viewing!)

Hopefully one day I will...
a girl can only dream.
(especially one like me)




  1. I have the same problem with posing. I'm terrible at it! You look super cute!

  2. I'm dreadful at having photos taken too. Part of the reason why I haven't shown the interweb public the beautiful dress you made me. If only I had Annie Leibovitz as a friend. Your dress is lovely as are the photos. Of course the house is always a great backdrop. Sonia Rykiel I take it is normally quite expensive? If so, great bargain and it suits you. I'm getting a cabinet maker over today to talk shelves/desks/plywood ... you'd be surprised how many cabinet makers poo-poo ply. Why?

  3. Gorgeous! $5 Sonia? When are you organising a shopping tour of your op shops Kylie? I'll pay! (Oh and just get over yourself with the photos - I hate it too. I had a friend tell me after Frocktober that I'm terrible at "posing"! Oh well! Walking is good! Catwalk style!)

  4. Hi Kylie, long time no blog! Gorgeous, but as always I'm drawn to something else in your pic... the monstera in pot. Looks fab! Funnily enough we are just about to get a bobcat in to remove the biggest monstera known living in the southern hemisphere, it is really living up to its name. You have reminded me to photo before it goes. And to save some to put in a pot! x

  5. The dress is astoundingly gorgeous and you look beautiful in it :D inspires me to hunt down more vintage frocks, that ones so beautiful yet light and comphy for warm weather.

  6. Bless you, you look gorgeous the dress is beautiful, dee x

  7. Fab dress....tis an awkward thing to pose and then show the entire world.....but glad you did look gorgeous. xx

  8. Love the dress Kylie, I have been reading your blog. Love the cane wrapped bottles in one of your pics. I also watched compass and agree it was inspirational xx

  9. Love Five Dollar Sonia! You look so pretty in pink - blurry, but pretty! Posing is a bugger - I can't smile to order so I always have a face like a slapped arse. I'm a smiley person really, honest! xxxx

  10. Is this the silk frock you mentioned?
    It's stunning. You've still managed to capture it well.
    I've found finding a nicely lit spot; setting your camera up on something at least a metre tall; then setting the 12 second timer; as well as taking at least a dozen snaps helps.

  11. I love the absolute bargain Sonia dress and despite what you think, you always look beautiful, whether on the move or pulling funny faces. Posing IS quite hard. I slouch and my smile sets like concrete while Q messes about with the camera. We're a joy, aren't we? :D I must say I love seeing photos of you. Do I spy with my little eye your new Lotta's? Xxx

  12. Oh you're a love. Great dress..if I wore glasses I woulda popped them on for a clearer look. Ahem. Keep em coming x

  13. You look just beautiful! ...been a while, miss your face xx
    will email soon

  14. Hi lovely lady,
    its been a long look like a mod gal there...stunning.