Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Butter and Buntings Handmade Dress Swap


Have you heard about the Butter and Buntings Handmade Dress Swap

Click the link to find out more if you fancy joining in.

(and please don't be put-off if you're a beginner sewer like me - there are lots of lovely straight and easy frocks to sew and wear that just require a seam or two)*

I'm thinking something like this**
vintage Simplicity, 1967 (thanks Tania)
would look lovely on just about any body.
A-line and honkin' big patch pockets! You like?
I hope my swap partner will.
If you join in it could be you!
(which might not necessarily be a good thing ;) Promise to do my best though)
* or four.
** but then again I might run up something completely different. I'm loving that loose, relaxed, voluminous Japanese aesthetic - frocks you can "wear with freedom", a lot at the moment...



  1. Hello Kylie. You know I can't sew but I wanted to say hello anyway. Love those vintage patterns, they are so elegant. The yellow dress is my fave in this lot! x

  2. I love a vinty frock with pockets. Oh how wish I felt I had the time to join without worrying and rushing. Oh and the whole I'm a sewer with questionable skills.

  3. Well you would look good in a hessian sack Kylie! Love this pattern and all it's variations. Speaking of frocks I have a US designer dress "Chloe" tunic style with side POCKETS and short SLEEVES that I thought you might get some wear out of. Will send it!

  4. love the pattern you have picked out - off to see if I can track one down LOL

  5. This pattern is a stunner. Love the sleeved version (as you already would have guessed) and the pockets.
    I hope we get paired together. x

  6. LOVE that pattern!
    Oh I do need to do some sewing, I keep procrastinating. Maybe over the Easter holidays...
    PS. Nina sends love! xxx

  7. That pattern brings back so many memories!!! That's straight out of my learning-to-sew years! I'm so glad you're still enjoying sewing. I finally got the tension setting right again (after Grandson #1 used the dials as for "airplane controls.")
    I'll be doing some sewing soon, but it will be for the house, not clothes.

  8. Hiya lovely! Great pattern and it reminds me of my childhood. Have a great weekend! :)

  9. Aw, wish I could do that :D The pattern is perfect, very wearable even now.

  10. Hello Kylie,
    I remember wearing dresses like that in the 60s – loved them then and love them now!
    I’m sure whatever you make will be beautiful.
    Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. Barbara x

  11. aahh look forward to seeing what you make :-) dee x

  12. I was just thinking of you and thought I'd come over to see how you are. Can't believe I didn't comment on this. What was I thinking? Anyway, hope you are enjoying a beautiful spring and not working too damn hard!!! Life is busy here, as always, so I don't get time to post very often. To be honest, I don't do very much worth writing about, so I'm sparing blogland the ordeal of having to read through a load of blablabla for the sake of it. Hope all is well in your world, that the girls are fine, the hubby is fine and the pooch is fine. Take care Kylie xxx

  13. Hi Kylie, popping by my old blog friends to see who's still about. Happy New Year, hope all is well with you and the family xx