Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Vintage Tea Towel Tuesday

Fast Colours * Made in Czechoslovakia * All Pure Linen *

I was so excited about showing you this tea towel, it is really lovely in the flesh, much nicer than you'd think from this pic. I know the camera never lies, but in this case it's telling fibs (big fat ones!) and that's no lie.

Let's see if a close-up is a little more flattering...

Hmmmm? not really (we're of a similar vintage so I know how it feels...)

One of the special thing's about this t.t. apart from the beautiful linen it's made of (in unused condition, still with its original sheen) is that it's signed and dated. HK 1967.  I don't know who you are HK, but I love your work.

For something completely different, check out the gorgeous t.towels Donna sent me as an extra bonus with her Jubilee Swap parcel (more on those goodies another day...)

Donna likened them to 70's swap cards and I reckon she was spot-on, don't you?

Donna lives and breathes the 70's - you really should check out her blog. Her Freaky Friday posts are hilarious. So bad they're good.

In fact this hair style

reminds me of the mushrooms on those t.towels!

(I know there's a photo of me with a "do" like this somewhere, I have to hunt it down, just might submit it for Freaky Friday Donna. Now that would be F-r-e-a-k-y!)

p.s. I was only twelve, so I can blame it on my Mum!


  1. I'm a softie for anything with pears or lemons on it, so that first tea towel captured my heart right away.

    I think there may be a photo of me with a similar hairdo. The sad thing is that I was an adult and have only myself to blame. :)

  2. Another wonderful tea towel Kylie. The floral filled basket in the corner is lovely.
    Tea towels are getting harder and harder to find at the op-shops I'm noticing. :(

  3. I like your tea-towel. I can barely type, I've been typing all day reviewing old people's Aged Care Home Agreements. I'm sure a few of them have groovy tea-towels.

    Everyone needs a haircut! Now aka Collar Girl!

  4. I'm into mustard big time lately so this TT is for me! Bless you HK!
    Love the mushroom TT too, great likeness to the seventies do! ;)

  5. Hee, hee. Love to see that pic of you Kylie. Lol.

  6. OOOOh 1967...A fantastic year indeed. xxx

  7. Love the teatowel, great colour - and unused! I look forward to seeing your very own mushroom hair pic one day LOL! xx

  8. Kylie I think is the nicest TT you have shown us so far - the colours are wonderful and the design is just beautiful! It must look REALLY good in real life if you say the pics don't do it justice.

  9. That is so cool! Love it - the colours are wonderful. The hairdo is..um..startling? Imagine trying to style that with every wash!

    I saw an Aussie TT in a charity shop the other day - I debated buying it but it wasn't really vintage and had the most bizarre theme..all about dunnies - little ditties, and pics of them too..so I tossed it back in the bin. But I did think of you, and chuckled out loud :)

  10. Aw Kylie, you still have that straight out of the packet original sheen! And don't let anyone tell you otherwise x

  11. a top tea towel, gorgeous colour, i'm mustard mad at the mo too. do you think hk might stand for hong kong? just a thought though i'm not sure they ever had a tea towel industry to rival ireland!!!

  12. Ooo, I LOVE vintage tea towels. What great finds!

  13. Oh Tea towell Tuesday!!!!! So so happy!!!
    What a gorgeous one, I love that it has 1967 on it. No questions of its vintage.
    Tee hee I think I have a photo of me to looking like a mushroom.
    Love v

  14. It's my first time stopping by your blog... and I'm loving the tea towel tuesday thing and just wanted to say so!
    Catherine @ The Spring (in Sydney)