Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jubilee Swap Goodies

Here are the jubilicious goodies I received from Donna, my partner in Lakota's Diamond Jubilee Swap

two gorgeous vintage Royal Pictorial Souvenir booklets - I can't find a publishing date, but when they were bought new from the E. J. Brown Book Shop and Library in Bendigo (of all places!) they cost 2/6.

fascinating to see the interiors of Clarence House change over the years...

Here are some of my favourite pics from the booklet of a young Elizabeth (thought you might like them too...)

at a birthday party September 1935 (Princess Margaret, second on-the-left)

"the Princess looks well ahead on her new tricycle"

oops! How did that get there??? (you know I like a childhood photo!) It's Kylie Elizabeth, looking well ahead on hers!

Sandringham August 1943

arriving at Malta, November 1949
I love this photo. Those smiles. Happy, happy.

I love this one too, for the same reasons - not posed at all.
"Elizabeth gave this delighted smile when she was presented with a toy cooking stove for Prince Charles"

Donna also gave me some delicious Shortbread (a nod to Balmoral and all eaten!) and a vintage doll footguard complete with bearskin cap

(bearskin cap's are 45.7 cms tall and weigh 1 1/2 pounds. They are still made of real fur - no faux fur or polar fleece for these chaps!)

Here he is guarding my Ladybirds

Thanks Donna-it was a lovely parcel x

(and thank you Lakota for persevering with those spreadsheets!) 

Just one more pic before I hit the publish button. Here is the beautiful hand-made ring I included in Donna's parcel

cleverly made by Tam. Contact her here if you'd like one too.

p.s. you can check out more patriotic pressies here 

p.p.s. like my mammy biscuit barrel? It belonged to my Nan, Corrie Elsie (isn't that a lovely name?)




  1. Welcome! Little royal guard doll looks so cute guarding your Ladybird books.
    Thanks for your cool Kombi postcard note - Glad you like the salt n pepper shakers - and I hope the head scarf comes in handy too! xx

  2. Hi Kylie, i am on a silly laptop that wont allow me to download your email address. I wanted to say a very huge thank you so much for my lovely parcel i recieved yesterday i was so touched to get it i haven't got that book so i was very excited when i saw it and i agree with you about the word ;-) Those flares on the wedding invite are brilliant and we are going to print the picture and pop it inside the wedding invites i have already made with a little message on it. I loved everything and the way you had wrapped it was so beautiful. I haven't been around blogland this week but im hoping to try and catch up next week after my Handmade and vintage fair i have organised which is this Saturday my mum and dad are coming down for the weekend to which im excited about. I hope everything is well with you i will write to you next week but i just wanted to say thank you for now ;-)) Hugs, dee x

  3. Ps great parcel of goodies you recieved to ;-)) dee x

  4. What fun to have an exchange like that...and I love the childhood photo!

  5. oh wow! that just remended me of some trasure i bought at a vintage fair a few weeks ago, like these but different subject! i must dig them out from the spare room!!

  6. I love all of this Kylie...I am a royal tragic. The books are treasures, I am fascinated by the one on Clarence House. The footguard looks very happy guarding your books x

  7. I also like the pictures showing a carefree Elizabeth. I wish she would loosen up a bit- everything is so stiff and rehearsed. Thank goodness the younger generation is more open and approachable. I hope they stay that way!

  8. What a great swap! I will have to check out the other parcels, too. Thanks for the link , you are to kind. Hope all is well, Tam x

    p.s. the ladybirds look lovley

  9. What a cutie pie you are! Great swappsies Donna!

  10. What a fantastic pile of goodies- you look so cool on that trike too. melx

  11. A great parcel, but my favourite thing has to be mini Kylie on a trike - destined for greatness! Glad you had a successful swap, thanks for taking part and linking up. Have a lovely weekend xx

  12. Lots of memories there! I must go in the loft and dig out my scrapbooks. I’ve got lots of pics of the Queen (all cut from newspapers). I've not looked at them for ages, but I want to now! Lovely post.

  13. What a great parcel! I always have time to look at some old photos (love em) Especially little you on your tricycle.

    The biscuit barrel is rather fantastic.

  14. ha ha ha... rock!
    i shall think of a rock now, when i wear my mock jewelry..
    lovely to hear from you kylie, been thinking of you recently, in the local thrift shop. i did bring it home. it will fly over oceans. it will be a bit of local folkore to you. you will give me some more time...??!!
    ps - yes! they are heavy, those bearskin caps...! in a hot summer... imagine...
    pps - lovely stamped jewelry indeed.
    pps - charmed by the tea towels too, by the way. always nice to look at them, from afar. but wear with me on that. the subject will be taken up again.

  15. Aww look at that little Kylie Elizabeth.

  16. Fantastic parcel! Love that little pic of you. I adore the stamp jewellery Tam makes. x

  17. Great swaps Kylie,loved seeing all those old piccies,Still on the lookout for some vintage tea towels;) happy week aheadxxx

  18. Fabulous swap girls. Love the Royal books and seeing her royalness so relaxed. Good one girls.

  19. How have I missed this post? I am a fool.
    Lovely swap parcel, look at that cute little guardsman.
    And look at cute Kylie getting ahead on her trike! xxxx