Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Vintage Tea Towel Tuesday on a Wednesday. New Zealand Edition.

Tonight we are going to

the Flight of the Conchords. Yay!
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To mark the occasion I thought I'd show you some vintage tea towels from the land of the long white cloud, and the birth place of Bret and Jemain, New Zealand.

First up is this beauty from Wanganui "city of history and charm" and "gateway to scenic splendours"

Irish Linen. Maylin. Fast Colours.
Designed by and made expressly for the D.I.C. Wanganui

This one's got it all:

gorgeous Kiwiana border: check

fantastic, domed roof modernist building: check
(Wanganui War Memorial Hall, built in 1958, architects Geoffrey Newman, Gordon Smith and Anthony Greenhough)

image via

awesome scenic view of Wanganui City: check

chubby little Kiwi: check

Like me and wondering where in N.Z. Wanganui is located?
This vintage scarf should help you get your bearings...if you could see it properly ie! Let's just say Wanganui is on the South-West coast of the North Island

and Nelson is located on the North coast of the North Island.

Designed Exclusively for Don Thomas and Christoffersens Linen House Ltd and guaranteed to put a smile on the dial of the most miserable drier-up-er-er. Don't you think?

Apparently the sun's so bright and shiny in Nelson, even it needs sunnies! And I love that yellow "sunshine province" font(?) very much.

The next t.t. in my special Kiwi extravaganza(!) is one of my all times faves (and you know, that's saying something, don't you...) 
I thought it was waaaay too special for an Aussie girl to shove into her third drawer down and forget about, so I sent it to Max (check out her doll house craft room. It will blow you away!) who loved it as much as me. Max kindly sent me this pic (I forgot to take one myself)

Unfortunately it's impossible to truly get this hilariously funny t.t. without reading it. Basically it portrays N.Z. as being the ants pants, bees knees, numero uno, while the rest of the world - especially Australia of course, sucks.

Btw, Max and I are not the only ones who think this is an excellent t.t. Celebrity N.Z. chef Richard Till likes it too. It makes an appearance in his book Every Tea Towel Tells a Story, which Max discovered when she borrowed it from the library! How cool is that? Well it is for a t.t. tragic like me anyway...

Here's Richard with his t.ts.

My new crush?

The last vintage tea towel from N.Z. I'll show you today has already had its three minutes seconds of fame on this blog, but because that was back in the days when no-one actually read my posts, I thought I'd show it off again

worthy of a second look, right?

At the risk of confirming my status as a big fat loser, I'll end with this

I hope the boys are as funny in the flesh, I'll let you know x


  1. Your collection is amazing Kylie,thanks for sharing your NZ themed ones :) Have an awesome time tonight you lucky things :) xx

  2. I love Bret and Jermaine! And I love your NZ themed tea towels and scarves. I can't believe that all my life I never realized NZ was made up of two islands. You're never too old to learn something!

  3. Hi lovely I am not sure if you got my email last week thanking you for my lovely parcel I received what a sweet surprise.Hows the plans for later this year going are they still on?

  4. Hi Kylie, just found you via Max's blog - how serendipitous as I'm from Nelson! Max certainly deserves the ray of sunshine t.t.! Trying to date it, 70s-80's maybe? We don't call it sunshine province now, more likely to brag that we're the "sunshine capital" of NZ. Although we don't win the honour every year of having the most sunshine hours, but near enough to brag!
    I went to FOTC a couple of weeks ago, they were brilliant, enjoy. They need to put out a t.t of their own!! S:)

  5. You have quiet a collection of NZ tea towels.
    And a book on tea towels, I didn't know one existed.

  6. Its amazing how much information you can fit on one tea towel its like a whole geography lesson ;-)) You have an amazing collection. dee x

  7. Thanks for the TT, NZ post, a classic! Speaking of books, you need to start one?

  8. Eek, I LOVE flight of the Conchords! Have/Hope you had (pesky time difference!) an amazing time.

    That tourist map looks fab - I think the UK thinks of itself in the same way.

  9. I love Conchords almost more than Woody. I can't watch Foux Du FaFa because my MIL is in the next room and I'll start snorting with laughter and she's already looked disapprovingly at my second glass of wine!

  10. PS You have the best taste in tt's.

    You're Tea-rific.

  11. Oh my god, you will love them. I saw them last week and I am still laughing, they were amazing. And you can get a souvenir tea towel.x

  12. Awesome teatowels, and hope it was great!!!
    Soooo jealous!

  13. Great t-ts. The tourist map you sent to Max is fab, but the Legend of New Zealand is amazing!
    I have friends from the UK who live in Nelson. How long will it take me to save up to visit? Forever, I reckon! xxxx

  14. Wow wee! Have a great night. Love NZ! Wouldn't that poster make a great tea towl. I had a chuckle, as I thought Richard Till was Ted Danson. Happy times :)

  15. Lovely tea towels! Are those Bret and Jemain paperdolls? Very cool, very wacky!

  16. Fabulous tea towels! I hope you had an awesome night. x

  17. I've always wondered if the op shops in Australia are full of NZ teatowels as the ones in NZ definitely have a lot of Aussie ones!?

  18. How were the boys Kylie? I'm sure they didn't disappoint! a fotc tt-that defo sounds like on for the collection! I should have sent you a close up of the map one, it is hilarious, ah well. Some top TT's there Kylie, love the legends one especially x

  19. Hi Kylie, great to read through and discover your latest finds. I was at the Vintage Shed the other day and came across a stall there with heaps of original vintage tea towels. I wrote down the stall number for you. might be worth a look see. It was stall G11. Not sure if you're in Melbourne. Anyway, let me know, otherwise I can have a look for you next time I'm down there (which seems to be quite a lot lately)!!

  20. Love it! Being a kiwi I have a collection of these too. My New Zealand tablecloths are my favourites though, they are exceptionally ugly and only come out on the most special occasions :)

  21. I'm totally going to have to borrow that book! I am wondering if its possible to have too many vintage tea towels, because I ironed about 60 whilst watching tv one night this week