Friday, November 25, 2011

words: Robert Louis Stevenson
illustrations: Eloise Wilkin
from A Child's Garden of Verses, Little Golden Books, 1957
(my copy 1977)

A few lovely things that have made me happy lately...


a parcel of Christmas goodies from this flamboyantly fashionable girl as part of Lakota's Christmas swap. Unfortunately the postie was a tad heavy handed in his delivery of Sarah's gorgeous parcel, damaging some of the other contents in the process of flinging it over our (admittedly) high front wall. Naughty postie.

Cool Chrissy card Sarah and I love those pineapple pot holders. Thank you x


Receiving the One Lovely Blog Award from Sharon who has a very lovely blog herself. Sharon's Sunlit Memories is a must see if you are interested in the wonderful illustrations that were a feature of children's books in the 1960's. She also has a collection of vintage paper dolly books to die for, here's one of them

The perfect award for me...considering my husband thinks I use the adjective lovely far too frequently on this blog. I'm afraid I've tried, but I just can't come up with a better alternative...and anyway I like the word lovely... it's a lovely word.

Now the tricky part...I'm meant to nominate five lovely blogs. To make it easy (because obviously I think all the blogs I read are lovely) I'm choosing from blogs written by fellow West Australians. Here they are, please check them out.

1. Tammi's little poppa
5. and sweet Em's Vintage Sweetheart (thanks for visiting me at the oppy on Sunday's Em)

I'm also meant to tell five random facts about me (this will be riveting. ha-ha)

1. I love cheese. Waaaaay more than chocolate.
2. I hate sad movies. The older I get the more I avoid them.
3. I am, and always will be, a book-worm.
4. Lately I have been really getting into Jonathon Creek.
5. I have a crush on Kevin Mc Cloud (I hope my husband won't mind me saying this...sorry Anth)

BORING!!! but thanks for the award Sharon x


Receiving a lovely (there's that word AGAIN!) little reindeer from Marlour of Planet Fur

hello christmas tree

Now it's my turn to craft it forward. Yikes! I was thinking of these pot holders I made from vintage hankies...

but looking at Marlous perfect little deer, I'm not sure they're good enough...

their backs are probably nicer...

than their fronts.
I'll have to put my crafting hat on...


Discovering beauty in a bunch of decaying roses

like I say "some things get better with age"

I know it's either feast or famine around here, thanks for persevering I really appreciate it x


  1. Hi Kylie, I've never noticed your overuse of the word "lovely". In fact, I thought I was the Queen of the overuse of the word "lovely"!

    Love the pineapple pot holders and don't be daft, missus, your hanky pot holders are FABULOUS - you clever thing you.

    Congrats on the award - definitely well deserved. Have a luvverly (I've taken to misspelling the word recently just so it looks like I'm not using the word "lovely") weekend. xx

  2. You're worth waiting around for :-) Always look forward to your posts!

    I overuse 'lovely' frequently. It's just such a great word - it's better than 'nice' but it's not 'amazing'. And lovely has such a vintagey feel too :-)

    Your potholders (nearly wrote post-holers there!) look great! I know the perfectionist thing of wanting to get it right but they look right from my angle.

    Robert Louis Stevenson hit the nail on the head with that one - so many things to take smile from.

    Jem xXx

  3. Well you are lovely, and so is your blog, so it's not a problem (and I'd never noticed it either). I overuse brackets myself ;-)

    Honestly, what's with postmen? How naughty of him to lob your precious parcel over the wall. Love the pineapple potholder and your own efforts are also...lovely! Have a l...marvellous weekend xx

  4. I enjoyed reading your post and all the sweet things you shared that have been happening, it was a LOVELEY read first thing in the morning.

  5. aahhh Lots of LOVELY ;-) things to look at today. What gorgeous gifts you have had that reindeer is cute. And im you on the cheese front it is far to tasty for words the stronger the better in my book ;-)) have a lovely weekend, dee xx

  6. A very lovely post for your lovely readers,lovely goodies and lovely roses too!Congrats on your lovely award.

  7. What are you on about woman...those pot holders are LOVELY!! :o)
    As are the lovely gifts you received.
    Congrats on the Lovely award, you deserve it lovely Lady.
    Oh and thanks for the mention too, just lovely ;)

    Have a lovely weekend Kylie.


  8. I cannot believe the postman was flinging your package around!! (He's lucky he didn't break a package meant for me, I would be hiding out by the gate the next day waiting to pounce on him!)

    I like cheese too, also more than chocolate!
    I only like chocolate every so often.

    The reindeer is ADORABLE *Awwww*

    And your potholders are just as LOVELY.
    Seriously they are CUTE!

  9. Thanks for the award Kylie!! I just bought that little golden book the other day what a coinky dink. Your pot holders are gorgeous much better for the hankies to be in use. than sitting in a drawer.


  10. Congrat's on your Lovely Award. I think the word 'lovely' is, well, lovely and I use it all the time! That is a wonderful use of vintage hankies, I have a drawer full and often wonder what to do with them. Your photos are all just Lovely! ~ Diane

  11. Loving this post, so much to look at. Re your comment on my blog . Yes Little Bertie sigh...... Re Chesty. I have two. The first is an original vulcanised rubber circa 1950's bought from a collector of Australiana on Ebay. The second is more like a Mould I bought this off Ebay for a song and love him too. You can see him on my blog this week , So sorry for my tardy response... I am having trouble fitting everything in lately .Love to you and yours xx

  12. I really like your potholders and did I spy a pvc lined bag in that pile of goodies, now that is my kind of bag!

  13. Your pot holder idea is cool, do it! I am in shock the postie just lobbed your parcel over that wall, what's the world coming too. Pity you didnt have a trampoline of something to cushion it's fall! The deer heads are very very cute. Long Live the Loveliness of LVV xxx

  14. I say the word lovely a lot because......well, its a LOVELY way to describe things!! The roses are beautiful xx

  15. love the potholders! i use mine all the time :) YOU are lovely! haha! have a great week xx

  16. Wow, wow, wow!!! Thanks for the mention Kylie that is JUST SO COOL!! And I love your pot holders - back and front! The beauty of them is you get to see both sides anyway when they are use. All together now....

  17. I think I memorized every poem in Robert Louis Stevenson's A Child's Garden of Verses when I was a little girl. The Swing was my personal favorite. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your blog is lovely! There, I used that word. Lovely! Oops, I said it again.

  18. Nothing wrong with using the word lovely - your photos are, your blog is, and you are! Oh, and so are your pot holders. Cute too. Is that word allowed here?! xxxxx

  19. So many fantastic things to look at in this post! The post holders are lovely. Lol, just joking. I haven't noticed that you use lovely a lot.