Monday, November 14, 2011

A funny old fellow called...


Lots of little Aussie girls and boys grew up watching Here's Humphrey. Where you one of them? It is one of the longest running childrens television programmes in Australia. First broadcast in 1965, over 3000 episodes were made until it ceased production in 2009.

When I was a kiddo I was glued to the telly whenever Here's Humphrey was on. I loved him. And Patsy Biscoe
Many years later, from time to time, my girls watched him too...although I have to say neither of them were huge fans...actually, to say they lacked my devotion would be a massive understatement.
They grew up watching The Wiggles and Hi-5...clumsy, funny, old Humphrey didn't cut it. An overweight bear who couldn't talk = Boring!

These days Humphrey B Bear "stuff" is quite collectible. A squeaky rubber Humphrey like mine in the top pic sold recently on ebay for $113! I paid four dollars for mine.

Recently I hit the Humphrey trifecta

Metti rubber Humphrey toy
vintage Humphrey sheet
hand-painted Humphrey cereal bowl
I also have a night-light like this

(pic not mine, you can buy this one here)

I'll end with the Here's Humphrey theme song. This is the original and I think, the best:

What a funny old fellow is Humphrey,
He gets in all manner of strife,
He leads a very exciting life,
And honey's his favourite fare,

Which is hardly so very surprising,
He's a really amazing old bear,
What a funny old fellow is Humphrey,
Humphrey the fun loving bear!

cute, isn't he...



  1. He is cute, Kylie. He reminds me a bit of Yogi Bear.

  2. I loved Humphry as a kid Remember when kids could go on the show and win prizes? One of my school friends went on it once and I watched her when it came on telly.
    I used to have a PJ case with humphry on the front am sure I still have it Mum got it at a fete and sis got micky mouse both were home made so werent exact.
    I must go and see if the doona cover I saw at an oppy is still there.
    Those were the days we never thought of wanting to grow up so fast like kids do today.Oh no I sound like my oldies used to lol.

  3. I haven't heard of Humphry - but he reminds me of Yogi Bear, who my husband adores.

    The one Aussie show I remember and absolutely loved to bits - couldn't get enough of - was Skippy, the bush kangeroo - I can still sing the song. :)

  4. Aww, Humphry! I loved Humphry and Patsy biscoe for that matter! I wore out all her cassettes! Well done on your nostalgic finds, hold on to those for sure :)
    Thanks for the memories xxx

  5. I'm a huge children's TV fan, which is just as well considering I've always been surrounded by kids. I've been 'lucky' enough to experience The Wiggles and Hi 5, off to check out Humphry now, thanks!

  6. Hadn't heard of Humphry before, but he does look quite cute!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. we didn't have humphry here, shame, he looks a nice guy! x

  8. We didn't have Humphrey over here in Blighty but if we had I'm fairly certain I'd had tuned in as he looks so much like Yogi bear who I was a big fan of!

    Jem xXx

  9. Hi Kylie, I loved Humphrey too, I remember sitting in a box (didn't everyone sit in a box?) glued to the tv...I even sent him a letter. I almost nearly bought the same rubber Humphrey on Sunday but was distracted and passed him by, maybe I should have with prices like those. Thanks for the wonderful memories. Tam x

  10. Wow! What great Humphrey stuff.

    I loved the sound Humphrey's paws made when he clapped.

    Why aren't any kids called Humphrey?

  11. I have never seen Humphrey before. He is quite cute!
    He reminds me of either Yogi bear or the Dad from Berenstain bears.

  12. awww ive never heard of him, he's so cute!

  13. ahh he is sweet he looks a bit like our chap yogi bear ;-)) dee xx

  14. I love this little character!! He is so loveable, I really despair at kids TV these days so I try to encourage mine to watch old skool British programmes. Brainwashing but with the best of intensions!! xx

  15. Aww Humphrey, I never saw him in Ireland but he sounds like a jolly nice chap ;-) There's nothing as lovely as finding items that make you nostalgic for your youth, that's why I love finding vintage Sesame Street anything!

  16. Humphrey B Bear was a show I definitely watched as a child. I remember taking a Humphrey teddy to a teddy's picnic in primary school! It's sad he no longer graces our screens.


  17. I haven't heard of Humphrey. My kids watched the Wiggles though! Humphrey is way cuter! xx

  18. Yep, another Humphrey watcher here. I remember the money boxes, cute.

  19. Ive never seen him before, but you now im a sucker for any childhood treasures - fabulous :o) Scarlett x

  20. I too grew up with Humphrey and have fond memories. My daughter, like your kids, didn't think he was a patch on Hi-5. She was also alarmed that he didn't wear pants. Can't blame her really.

  21. Hello,
    I was searching for the original lyrics and 4 years after your original post I have found your blog !
    I grew up watching Humphrey B Bear and loved him. I have a Humphrey furry "doll" with a plastic hat and a real waist cost. I also have a Humphrey pillow which made many trips to the local speedway when I was little.
    Perhaps you saw Humphrey's appearance on the Logies as the next on-screen presenter of the Today Show? Hilarious.