Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Do you like this?

Dinah Shore House. Architect Donald Wexer built 1965

Allyn E. Morris Home-Studio built 1958

or this?
The Walker Residence completed 1959

To those of you who do, take my advice and check out this new to me blog. It's awesome. If you like your mid-century architecture, textiles, furniture, ceramics etc. etc. you will be in raptures. Raptures I tell you!

All images via Mid Centuria. Clickety-click.

Our own, very lovely modernist home built in 1963
until recently

(sniff sniff)

Still learning to love our funny 1920's shop/house...

get the picture?

Things have improved btw...and at least we've still got some terrazzo


a roof over our heads!

 and I am very grateful for that

(but it's nearly Christmas and there's nowhere to put the tree...I know, pathetic! But sometimes I can be a bit shallow like that)

"be it ever so humble there's no place like home"


Best end before I get all teary



  1. I didn't know you used to have a 60s house. What's the story with that? And thanks for the link too. xx

  2. You'll find just the right spot for the tree and it will begin to feel like home. Though I'd love to go in halfsies on the Dinah Shore House with ya!

  3. Wow, they are amazing. I must admit though that it has only been recently that I have started appreciating this era of architecture. It's as though I am seeing them in a new light now. Great post!

  4. Ooh that Oram residence looks stylie. Horrible sometimes living in a 'work-in-progress' isn't it, but i do like your 'secret garden' brick wall. we're a bit short on space for a tree as usual, a bit of temporary furniture removal is the only option here x

  5. Ooh that Walker residence is a real beauty!!
    Did you move recently Kylie? Home is where the heart is :)


  6. It'll all come good in the end Kylie, I will be just the same when we leave our little 30s semi. Although it's nothing outstanding structurally, I do love the lay-out inside, and it's home. Will be odd to leave and have to learn to love a new house, even though I know it's a good thing for us. I do find it very interesting looking at these mid-century houses, we don't have much similar here as we didn't have the space - any modernist homes are newly built 'Grand Designs' jobs on the whole. The 60s was all about the tower blocks for us...

  7. As Lakota said, not much of that sort of architecture here in England but in South Africa there is loads - as in Oz there is the space for spread out, one-level homes. I miss that sort of living.

    I never really liked mid-century and regarded it as terribly old-fashioned but recently (as in, the last couple of years) my taste has undergone a massive overhaul and I am very much drawn to mid-century now...in fact I LOVE it. Particularly the art from that time.

    That Mid-Centuria blog is fabulous and I've been drinking in the images along with my morning coffee. Thanks for the link - so much to look at there and so much pleasure.

  8. These houses look great, super-stylish.
    I don't know the story about your house, what happened? Hope you can feel settled and happy where you are. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. I used to get a bit nostalgic for our old house, but on reflection I think it was the memories of things that happened there that made me want it back! (Hope that makes sense!)
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  10. oohh those first 2 houses are amazing. I agree there is no were like at home and at christmas when its about decorating the home for family get togethers etc you want to be able to do this and have the tree etc so i can understand just how you feel. I don't know the story of your home either but i hope it all comes good for you. Take care, dee xx

  11. Home is such a special thing - as an environment and as a concept, it's not shallow to worry about lack of room for the tree. But knowing you there will be a creative solution and it'll look great :-)

    Jem xXx

  12. I'd pack up tomorrow and live in a modernist house if I could. Unfortunately, don't have the spare few million it'd take to buy one in Sydney so I make the most of my 20s cottage. You will too - and I bet with LOTS more space! x

  13. Those homes are works of art and your's will be too - it takes time:)) xo

  14. Oh,don't be sad,houses take time to become homes.I'm positive you'll have things fab in no time at all.It was a very pretty house,cheer up.

  15. i like the windows to the light! thanks for the link though. what a haven!

    interesting ideas you're putting us there. as the weather is always with you, on christmas... tree on the roof, or is that totally out-of-the-question naf?

    had us a sensible friday indeed, the thrifting delivered some.

    and do you have news on the extension yet? i see someone is grafting already... ;))
    ps - wherever one lays one hat, and all that... yeah? blow those tiny tears away now, your shop house will be a hit, i can feel it already.

  16. All the homes are wonderful and inspirational examples of mid 20th century design - thanks for the link to the blog as well, wonderful!