Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I first read about Katie Thompson in Frankie. Katie is a South African interior designer with a difference,
she creates unique furniture and lighting from discarded "junk" she finds at garage sales and auctions.

As someone who has accumulated lots of junk (two sheds full to the brim... AND counting!) I am really interested in Katie's ability to see beauty in old discarded objects and in her talent to create quirky new purposes for them. Like...

the suitcase chair in crackle acorn

and this

hatbox ottoman in red roses

 I wouldn't worry so much about my lack of self control and inability to resist the temptation of every op-shop I pass if I had Katies talent for giving the stuff I buy a more practical use. Have a look at what she has done with old muffin tins...

she's made vases out of them!
cookie vase collection. framed in perspex.

My fears about starring in an episode of Hoarders  would be totally unfounded if I could make these (or get Katie to make them for me...)

the scale clock collection. Salter no 34 in mint
(I love this colour)

the mail rack
(I found one of these on the verge a few weeks ago, remember?)

beer bottle glasses
My husband could drink ALL the beer he wanted to if he could make me some of these (only joking Anthony!)And I'm sure I remember my Dad making these...or at least drinking from similar ones in the 70's.  Made from old Swan Lager bottles...)

And I could look at myself in the mirror (in THIS mirror) without feeling guilty about spending too much cash at the swap meet if I was as clever as Katie at recycling it!

ruler mirror

I hope you've enjoyed looking at Katies re-creations. We all like to collect stuff, love op-shopping, finding treasure etc and I think what Katie does is interesting and inspiring...do you agree?

Now, I wonder what I can make with this???

whatever I do the stickers have to stay!

Now I suppose I'd better show you a tea towel

just think of all the treasures you could find on this journey...


  1. Wish i could find such good uses for all my junk,i mean possessions.

  2. Wow these are incredible! Love the suitcase chair the most, what a talent. Your suitcase is very cool, i would have to keep the stickers too :o) Scarlett x

  3. OH Wow, some great ideas there. yr suitcase is great, make a terrific storage bin for teatowels ♥

  4. I would love to have the imagination to see a use for things - I just get them and think that one day I might do something with them! Wonder when that day will come (if ever)!

  5. Amazing ideas, especially love the suitcase chair and the magazine holder. What a great job to have, I do wish I was that creative.

  6. Wow too and I have seen old cases like yours with legs added so people who do markets can have all their bits inside and used as a table display and yes the stickers must stay

  7. What a very creative designer. I love it when people think of clever ways to re-use things. Love Linda x