Friday, April 22, 2011

Hi again, it's nearly Easter and we are getting ready for a family lunch in our garden on Sunday...Annabel has made these yummy biscuits to have with coffee after lunch

The recipe she used is an old favourite from Nigella Lawson's How to Eat, they are made with lots of lovely Golden Syrup and cinnamon.

isn't this old tin wonderful...
it's one of four my husband found at a church fete a couple of years ago...I can't believe ice cream was sold in tins!

love those fauns!

I am also going to (try to) make Nigella's Hot Cross Buns... I'll make up the dough tomorrow, leave it in the fridge overnight to let it do its thing, then I'll stick them in the oven first thing in the morning so my family can wake to their heavenly smell. We will eat them dripping with butter for breaky... Yum!

pic from Ladybird Book of Nursery Rhymes

 I have also made miles (well not quite, but you know what I mean...) of pretty bunting from vintage sheets to hang in our tree

We are going to have an Easter egg hunt for the littler cousins, but mostly our day will be spent enjoying the Autumn sunshine and spending time together.

What are your plans? Are you going to eat lots of these?

and I'm talking chocolate not boiled of course!

I have to admit that I don't really like Easter egg chocolate although I do like to keep the pretty foil wrappers and still have some that I carefully flattened and smoothed out when I was little... it was a delicate operation and I remember chucking the biggest tantrums whenever I accidently tore one of them! I wish I could show them to you but they are packed away... the ones from the 70's must be pretty cool... 

Happy Easter, have a lovely day

See you next week, now here's the tea towel

I've been saving this one for Easter x


  1. Love love LOVE that tin, its amazing, i cant believe ice cream was in a tin either. The bunting is lovely, im going to get some union jack bunting for the garden for the royal wedding and it will remain there all summer :o) Love the tea towel, the rabit looks like he can handle himself from his expression! Im taking finley to an easter egg hunt too, his first one so bit excited :o)) Have a fabulous easter Scarlett x

  2. Love that tea towel!! And such pretty bunting. Happy Easter to you. x

  3. Those biscuits look delicious! Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Annabel's biscuits look fabulous, I've made the same recipe and mine have never come out quite as well :-) Enjoy your hot cross buns and gorgeous bunting! Happy Easter!!

    Jem xXx

  5. mmmmmm Those biscuits look very tasty,
    Happy easter

  6. you are too funny, and sweet...
    oh the heavenly smell of hot cross buns... i've actually never tried making them. since i can't find them around here, now there's an idea...
    cheers for stopping, i've signed up following, your blog's far too interesting not to.
    happy easter on the lawn...

  7. oooohhh what a cute tin and those biscuits look yummy to. And that tea towel WOW is all i can say ;-)) have a lovely weekend, dee x

  8. What lovely plans.
    I love those bikkies in the tin, they are almost too lovely to eat!

  9. I am still enjoying the quiet and I do remember the icecream in tins a distant memory but its there.

  10. ... a fairy, yes, yes...
    how did you know?
    ha ha ha....
    [do you have an e-mail adress, per chance?]
    happy dayzzzzz - n♥

  11. YOU are just too sweet. i love how similar our interests are and that we're both perth girls! i hope your hot cross buns turned out ok...your easter sounds delicious! will post pics of exhibition stuff very's been so hard deciding on the wallpaper i'll be using for my backdrop but i've gone with something a little closer to home (if you've ever seen my faux wood panelling in my home shots, you'll know what i mean!) ok, i've eaten waaaay too much chocolate today and it's time for bed. enjoy the rest of your weekend lovely lady. xx

  12. I love the tin and the biscuits! :)

  13. I hope you have a wonderful Easter! It sounds like its going to be amazing. That tea towel is beyond awesome. I can't stop looking at it!