Tuesday, April 12, 2011

First things first...before I continue to show you last weekend's treasures have a look at the wonderful prize I won last week

isn't it terrific...

I was thrilled to win this and can't wait to give it a go. I love that 70's toadstool, it will look so cool on our couch when I finish it. Brittany writes a thoughtful blog about her attempts to live a more purposeful life, and she does this without being the least bit preachy.My Unintentional Life is well worth checking out...you should see the groovy jumper Brittany is giving away this week. I wonder if it's possible to win twice?

Now back to business, here's the rest of the treasure we found on the weekend...

rustic old saw horses
wonderful eau de nil(ish) colour
three dollars
the base for my new desk

And how's this for barkcloth?

and some detail because it's just so lovely...

A little leaf-shaped dish

early plastic and that green again

Vintage post-cards, most of them from Roma

I like to use these as gift tags
Kohlbrand Bridge Hamburg Germany
Built 1970-1974
Look at the architecture of this amazing modernist bridge!

excuse my shadow...

This little cross-stitch looked so sad and dusty in the op-shop, but after a good clean I think it looks quite sweet and I'm glad we decided to give it a home...

Bought this mainly for the frame. I think it actually used to hang on a wall in a train station because it has holes drilled directly into the glass...

The last treasure I'll show you was a freebie, picked up from someone's verge

more concrete for our garden!
this time a little bore stained bird bath
another "quick stop the car!" moment
very heavy, but to me worth the struggle

And that's it, apart from yet another t. towel

I quite like this one...
would like a bit more rain here in Perth though. Please.


  1. Kylie you are on a roll girl! I am soo jealous of the birdbath, I really want one and they're not cheap. Nothing decent seems to be left out around here - just broken fridges etc. Great fabric, and although I wouldn't have gone for the cross-stitch it does actually look just right the way you've displayed it. Also love the iconic red Ozzie trunks worn on the tea-towel!

    Well done on your win, post a picture when it's all finished.
    Lakota x

  2. nice finds yet again and a brill win- show us a pic when you have finished it :o) The birdbath is amazing and free!! Plus i spy carmex and Chanel No 5 - you are a lady after my own heart - two on my must haves! If you delve to the bottom of my handbag you will prob find about 5 pots of carmex! Scarlett x

  3. O.M.G. Kylie. I'm in love. With the bark cloth! It's truly fabulous.

    I love your idea about using postcards for gift tags. Back in the day, Mr J and P collected them and we have loads. I had a cursory look at his enormous boxful of them recently. It's funny, but nowadays, I'm almost more interested in the writing on the back (that's if there is writing on the back)than the picture itself.

    Anyway, very excited about the toadstool cushion. Can't wait to see it finished.

    Love the very cheery tt today. xx

  4. You have an award from me :o) Scarlett x

  5. I can't wait to see some "after" pics! That latch hook looks sooooo amazing! I'd also love to see some after pics of the desk you put together using those saw horses. The colors are unbelievably cool. I too am in love with that bark cloth. Grats on the freebie birdbath, I think it looks great. I'm wondering though, at the risk of sounding too American, what's a "verge"?

  6. What a fabby win,it looks so cute!
    I'm forever getting postcards to cover notice boards in our house or sending thank you notes on to customers.
    Love how bright and cheery the tea towel is.

  7. ps. I'm trying to contact you about featuring your blog on my blog and I don't see a contact email. If you're interested you can email me at atomicbetties@gmail.com and I'll get back to you with the details!

  8. Found your blog thanks to the lovely Scarlett love meeting other treasure hunters.PS I started scholl in Perth dad and brothers are still there.

  9. I almost fainted with envy at those 2 benches, 3 dollars!!! I am coveting them big time!

  10. Hot damn: You hit the vintage jackpot! I love every item in this post!