Monday, January 31, 2011

Don't think I spend my whole life in op-shops, because I don't. Really. Truly. Having said this, if I'm driving past one and I've got some time up my sleeves and cash in my wallet I generally pop in and have a look.
And that's just what I did today. Have a look at what I bought...

"Portable" clothesline. four dollars. Belmont Anglicare.

Coaster set. Stamped "made in U.S.-Zone Germany. six dollars. Belmont Good Sammy's.

Curtains. Swiss maid from uro collection by Kornblums. six dollars. Belmont Anglicare.

Sweet little girl print to add to my collection. three dollars. St. Vinnies Belmont.

Placemats/serviettes. Love the colour. three dollars. Salvo's Belmont.

Pussy cat clothes brush.  Western Germany sticker on back. two dollars. St.Vinnies Belmont.

Folk dancer hand towel. Present for my mum. two dollars.As above.  

And lastly a tablecloth I forgot to include yesterday...

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