Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yesterday I said I'd go pretty and because you can't get much prettier than a vintage ballerina (oops that's not very PC of me is it? I meant of course to say ballet dancer!)here's some pretty dancers for you to look at...

detail from a beautiful lilac chenile bedspread bought from my favourite op-shop

Neither of my daughters wanted this in their bedrooms... there was nothing I could do to convince them otherwise. And I tried. (I'm learning that just because I desperately wanted one of these when I was little I can't expect my girls to feel the same way about it...this goes for alot of the vintage treasures I find. Sigh)

A friend bought me these for my birthday a few years ago...

a set of vintage placemats...
Swan Lake
Les Sylphides

I have two of each including The Sleeping Beauty. Like alot of my treasures these would be perfect for a tea party don't you think...

I also have some lovely C. Edwards ballet prints, these are from the 1950's and I think they would look gorgeous in a little girl's bedroom (just not in either of my girls bedrooms! These were rejected too!)
Here are just a few for you to look at...sorry but I wasn't up to taking on the scary family of Red Backs guarding the others in our shed!

on very pretty bark cloth I found recently
identical to the print above but a sweet and tiny version

 And lastly something I probably dreamt of having on my dressing table once upon a time, but once again NO takers here...

Pity I don't have any ballet-ish tea towels to show you today...this one will have to do


  1. I really love the the ballet items you have!
    C.edwards prints are so lovely, they really work in bedrooms, Dawn is a very big fan and has collected several items over the years.
    The hand mirror is super.

  2. Very pretty post today - you did not disappoint! Is it a mirror or brush the little balet dancer dressing table piece? Either way I would love to have found that, my favourite of the post :o) Scarlett x

  3. Loving the ballet theme today, Kylie. The hand mirror and the last little pic with its cute frame are my favourites. Was fully expecting to see a ballet themed tt but liking the no-nonsense Canberra one!

  4. SO purrrty. I love them all. I find your tea towel a bit weird but that's because I spent my teens in Canberra, and well, Canberra is a bit weird.

  5. Oh I love a bit of pretty! The hand mirror is so beautiful, I'm the same and have dreamt of a super pretty hand mirror on my dressing table since being small :-)

    Jem xXx

  6. i love anything to do with ballet,such a pretty post!!
    oh and my fish tank is 4ft wide i think,right beast in my front room lol i was happy with a little one i could put on my kitchen side

  7. Oh dear, are your girls emo/goth loving already? Or is it ponies all the way and ballerinas don't get a look in? I certainly wouldn't have spurned the hand-mirror when I was younger, but it was really all about horses for a time. And Tom Cruise (I know, I know, he wasn't mental then...). If I had any girls I'd definitely be disappointed not to be able to use to bedspread, although I having seen 'Black Swan' earlier in the year maybe it's best not to encourage the prima ballerina fantasties! Love the table mats too, I'd use them now.

  8. Oh I love those Ballet prints. Dad bought a large one for Mum for their wedding anniversary, probably about 1962 or 1967 -- it hung on their Loungeroom wall for 30+ years.