Saturday, April 9, 2011

so true, don't you think...

(I don't think she was talking about hunting through op-shops etc though!)

Does anyone else out there remember Flavia? I received alot of her birthday cards in the 80's and when I found this little book in the op-shop for one dollar I had to buy warned you'll probably have to suffer through a few more of these over time.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that you find some time for treasure hunting. Thanks for looking at my blog and for all your lovely comments, I appreciate them all and it's very nice to have some new followers too. See you Monday x

ps if you live in Perth it might be worth checking out the Mercedes College Fete (Victoria Square Perth) from 10 - 4.
At the last one I bought a West German vase from the White
Elephant Stall for twenty cents!


  1. Ahh great quote - not heard of Flavia so will do a bit of a google. Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy the fete. Scarlett x

  2. Have a great weekend and good hunting!

  3. I love that quote, Kylie. It'll be my new motto! Have a lovely rest of weekend. xx

  4. I know nowt of Flavia but I do like that illustration and its motto - many treasures to us all!

  5. I think you could definitely appropriate the quote to op-shopping! Thanks for the tip on the fete. Im going to try and go to the vintage sale at Claremont today. Have a nice Sunday!

  6. love the sheets and those book ends are great too!