Thursday, April 14, 2011

vintage Scrabble game
not sure how old it is...

Just a quick post today... here's a little collection of vintage games I've been lucky enough to find at garage sales recently. They just don't make them like this anymore, we have a newish Scrabble and it's so tacky compared to this one. The graphics etc just don't cut it (in my opinion anyway) Have a look at these and you'll see what I mean...

love the smarmy expression on this chap's face
but wait till you see inside...

what can I say?

I had to show you the little stamp on the back too

anyone care for a game of jungle dominoes?

Come on you know you want to play...

Now for something really cute...

a fast party it!

and how sweet are those mice?

I thought this old timber Chinese checker board would 
look great hanging on the wall...not sure what to do with it yet...any suggestions?

And then there's this, it's not really a game but

it's too sweet not to include


O.K. that's's the tea towel

and thanks for looking


  1. Oooh Kylie!! Your chinese checker board would look fabulous painted and distressed, or you could find some little pegs that fit and use it as a necklace hanger on your dressing table!

    I can't tell you how much I want to play jungle dominoes!! Lol

    Jem xXx

  2. Can't beat scrabble!New toys just aren't as fun as they used to be and they all look so plasticky(?)lol.
    Tea towel is so bright,could do with it here on this grey day.

  3. Kylie, you're so right about the graphics and the pics. Love them! I'd like to collect old children's playing cards. I remember a particular set from when I was little and I came across another blogger who had found a similar set at a boot sale. What memories!

    Lovely tt.

  4. I agree they dont make toys like they used to and they dont have the fabulous pictures on the packaging like they used to. The Canasta has got to be my fave of the bunch - love the mexican guy! Scarlett x

  5. I LOVE Jem's suggestion to make it a necklace hanger! They are all very gorgeous. I did a massive clean up today and uncovered a few vintage puzzles and games - I'm inspired to photograph them too!

    Sarah xxx

  6. brings a smile to my face....
    and where have you put the industrial trolley?

  7. Love those dominoes!! I think the Chinese checkers board is perfect the way it is, I'd hang it on a wall too. The colors are amazing. I'm adding this to my "want" list.

  8. You just cant beat a vintage game just for the packaging alone if nothing else ;-)) Have fun with them, dee x

  9. Great collection!!! I love vintage board games and puzzles, they put so much more thought into packaging and design back then.

  10. What an amazing collection you have there. Great finds!

  11. Love all those finds maybe hang your hanging earings from the checker board?

  12. super art work on the polished beads box!
    sure dont make them like that anymore!

  13. I've been away and look what I've missed! I had that jungle dominoes game when I was little. The checkerboard is a beauty. I don't think you need to do anything other than hang it.