Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I have just read the blurb about me which appears on the side of my blog, and realise that my love for Industralia (Industryalia didn't sound right...think Religionalia, Kitchenalia, Australiana etc) has received very little attention so I've decided to give it some today. When we get our sheds more organised I'll be able to show you more which will be fun for me because I really love it.

I bought this for my husband from a garage sale last year

two dollars.
Trafalgar Trading Company Marrickville NSW

have a look inside...

isn't it wonderful...well my husband loved it and so do I.

 I found it hidden away in a back shed (sheds are usually great places to find treasure...some of our best stuff has come from dirty, dusty, cobweb filled sheds!) It was filthy but cleaned-up beautifully.

I love the aqua labels.

(Spirit of Sal Volatile sounds deadly...can anyone tell me what it was used for?)

all of the containers still have some of their contents
 inside which I think is rather special.

Here's another old first aid kit...just as nice but sadly empty
Our plan is to hang them in our bathroom with an amazing old glass and steel surgical cabinet we bought at the swap meet for twenty dollars. I promise to show you a pic of this because it really is too cool for school. And one of our best bargains to boot!

FYI our bathroom at the moment is hideous...there IS NO
other word for it! Thankfully it shouldn't be too much
longer before we have a nice one.
(I will show before and after pics when the time comes) 

I want to end today with some Gardenalia, not pretty and a bit rough around the edges but still well loved by me...

I can't help loving a concrete garden ornament!

Thanks for looking even though this stuff may not really be your cup of tea...lucy violet will be pretty again tomorrow. Here's today's tea towel

this is for you "beergarden"
(and anyone else who likes a beer)

p.s. I have just been told by my friend Georgina that Sol Volatile was used for fainting...a quick whiff under the nose and you'd be as right as rain. Apparently every Grandma and Mum carried it in their handbag...back in the olden days. Ha!


  1. I like the first aid kits,would look fab hanging up.
    I wish we could have garden ornaments but everytime i put any out,the foxes drag them off so i given up.

  2. oooh liking all the 'alia's' - the first aid box is incredible with all the bits and bobs, i remember when i was about 7 my nan giving me a vintage perfume sales box which had about 50 tiny samples of perfume in it all with handwritten labels etc - i loved that little set and your first aid box reminds me of that with all the fasinating bits inside! Also loving todays beeralia tea towel! Scarlett x

  3. Kylie, I cannot wait to see the kits in your cabitnet. Sounds fantastic. I, too, like a garden ornament except mine our tacky plastic squirrels and owls. I do have a pair of pink flamingos - minus their legs though. xx

  4. Excellent!! I'd be more than happy to see more industrialialialia. Women were fainting all over the place in the olden days. Too many martinis...

  5. These are fascinating Kylie - would be great to find out what each of them are for :-)

    Jem xXx

  6. Wow! I love this post. I'm working on a post right now involving old industrial boxes and I'm sooooooo jealous I don't have a vintage first aid box! It's absolutely beautiful! Great pics =D

  7. Also - I just looked up "Spirit of Sal Volatile" and they're smelling salts. Apparently "used for arousing consciousness" Just the name makes me feel peppy.