Monday, April 11, 2011

Hello. It's Monday again... already. Time to show you the odd collection of great stuff I found over the weekend...a real mixed bag of finds which is just the way I like it. Have a look and see if anything takes your fancy...

loved this glass for twenty cents

I wish there was more than one of them, but on its own it makes a perfect vase. These are the last of our Summer roses. Full-blown, heavenly perfume.

Sticking with pretty

more vintage sheets, freshly washed and ready for bed

Ambrose Griffin ballet prints

And yes, they were ten cents! (I have to credit my husband for finding these) Framed by Holdson products in Auckland New Zealand...there's a lovely little label on the back but I forgot to take a snap.
I wish I knew more about Ambrose Griffin, please share if you do.

Next up, the tip shop ( I like to call it the tip TOP shop! It's full of little gems. Very cheap little gems! And I said gems NOT germs! Sorry couldn't help myself!)

all this... four bucks!

 Here's a closer look at some of it

lovely, lovely Melmac platter
and look it matches these perfectly. Yay!

April Rose
Wood and Sons Burslem England

Pretty and appropriate (it's Autumn In Australia).
The snowy white and red rose mug atop the tool box is Pyrex btw.

We bought some other Pyrex too, but this was at op-shop not tip shop prices...I'm not complaining though

Pyrex Daisy

And some fabric to match

loud, proud, three bucks

Are you still looking? Found anything you like? Bored out of your brain? I hope not. Just two more things and then I'll show you more tomorrow.

This was probably my favourite find of the weekend (another great treasure discovered by my husband...I owe him big-time now!)

I L-O-V-E this soooo much!
does anybody else like it? or do you think it's junk?

And something cute to finish...

four dollar Tom and Jerry-ish bookends (obviously)

poor pussy cat (puddy cat?)

More was a good weekend for finding treasure! Here's the tea towel

p.s. I apologise for my lame jokes...don't worry I know I'm not funny! 


  1. I love the ballet and show jumping pics.Wish we could put pictures up at our house but the neighbours complain the minute they see us break out a drill or hammer..
    Hope you had a lovely weekend

  2. might i say you have great taste? i've enjoyed this little walk around your finds.
    i am also (a little) wild over your header.
    that your place? i can dream
    (in the midst of renovations)...

  3. Wow didnt you do well this weekend, cant believe the price on the prints! Well done hubby. Tom and Jerry bookends are incredible and love the little glass with your roses in, oh and I couldnt go without commenting on the FABULOUS pyrex! :o) Scarlett x

  4. These ballet photos are gorgeous!!! Such a find! (chapeau for you husband!! Not just that he enjoys thrifting with you, he also got an excellent eye!!) I'm loving the Pyrex bowels. They're a classic. I can have a dozen of those and it wouldn't be enough...

    Now this tea towel. Is it stupid to just comment on every post saying wow and how beautiful your collection is? well... wow!!!! it is so beautiful!!!

    Have a great week dear!! x

  5. bored out of my brain? no way. the pyrex is so cheerful and bright! just the jolt i need this cloudy monday morning :)

    visiting from atg, thanks for sharing your finds!

  6. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Everything. Love it! Sorry, not feeling very imaginative on my comments today! Puzzled about the cactus and banana combo! Why? I must be missing a trick I think.

    Have a lovely rest of the day, Kylie.

  7. i enjoyed your mixed bag of finds, my favourite has to be vintage sheets. gorgeous prints, colours, you can never have too many...

  8. Lovely finds! Those Pyrex pieces are so bright and cheery. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Gorgeous sheets - such fresh colours. Love the horse pic too, my daughter would love that up on her wall - great finds.

  10. Excellent mixed bag Kylie, lovely and random is just the way I like it. My brain is a bit bemused by the showjumper - look at the perspective of the jump, there's something not quite right about it. It's like one of those optical illusions. I used to enter gymkhanas though, so maybe I'm over-thinking it!

  11. I just wanted to say hi and what a lovely blog you have and a great vintage style. Love those vintage sheets pretty color. I found you via Scarlett loves Elvis, i will look forward to seeing your futures posts and vintage finds. Enjoy the rest of your week. dee x

  12. You have lots I would love to have.