Monday, April 4, 2011

Hello. Happy Monday happy week. Here are my new and shiny treasures, all found in a quick op-shop spree after a family lunch on Friday...

Let's start with something pretty shall we...

detail of gorgeous barkcloth cushion...
this will wake you up on a Monday morning!

granny square hot water bottle covers
on a vintage Scottish mohair blanket

 This delicious blanket is in tip-top condition and cost just two dollars! Its label says Craig-Na-Craige. Love it! Cheap and cosy...

The ladies in the op-shop had a bit of a giggle among themselves when I took this to the counter...

apparently it was almost destined for the rubbish bin because they didn't think anyone would buy it...there was a bit of "I told you so" when I handed over my fifty cents. Yep just fifty cents for all of this hard work and loveliness! So glad this made it onto Vinnies shelves instead of their rubbish bin!

I also found this beautiful Leona Edmiston maxi dress for the princely sum of eight dollars!

it fits perfectly...isn't it pretty?

More flowers to join the others in our bedroom...

folksy... but in a nice way
(the little glitzy evening bag made it home too)

A sweet little china tray

cucumber sandwiches anyone?

My next treasure is not pretty but it is my most favourite find of the day. Feast your eyes on this...

aqua, orange, Italian
what's not to love?

My next find comes a close second though...I've had my eye on this Crown Lynn dinner service for a while...
Crown Lynn Autumn Splendour

but at thirty dollars it was just too expensive for me to bring home...well on Friday I found a new Crown Lynn pattern to love (in fact Autumn Splendour you are completely out of the picture I don't love you anymore!) This pattern is much more me and at four dollars for the lot I can afford to continue our relationship at home too!

Crown Lynn Blue Pacific
Blue Pacific was designed by Kenneth Chapman...and it won a Ceramic Design Award in new crockery is not only lovely it is award winning too!

(Very quick note on Crown Lynn: made in New Zealand and known as "crockery of distinction")

Gosh this has turned into a l-o-n-g post...I could go on about Kenneth Chapman here too but I'll save that for another day.

The lucky (for me and you! Ha-Ha) last treasure I found was a pile of vintage Ladybirds. One dollar the lot. The oldest dates from 1963...

Look there's even a modernist beach house in "Adventure on the Island"

And I have to show you this wonderful endsheet from "The Blue Book of Bedtime Stories"

love those birds, mice, owls etc

 Finally, here's the tea towel


  1. Kylie, you must make a photo-shoot of your house and show me how and where you store all of these gems!!!
    It's incredible how you find such gorgeous finds week after week (After week....)

    Have a great week ahead dear!!!

    P.S. Nope, I ahven't learned how to crochet yet. I'm hopeless. 3 weeks with my mum and - nothing. My second chance will be in a month when my brother and his partner will visit us for nearly a month. Hopefully!!!

  2. You have been busy Kylie, what a lot of great stuff! All those ladybird books for a dollar, wow. The illustrations are great I agree. I like your new crockery amour very much, also the flower picture on the left and its lovely frame.

    The granny square hot-water bottle cover is insane!

  3. Good thing you rescued that bib! I'm surprised they thought it wouldn't sell. Of all the junk I've seen at some shops, that wouldn't even approach the bottom of the barrel...

  4. woozer - what great finds this weekend for you! I dont know where to start on commenting on them as blown away - would have been happy to just just found one of these. China is always a winner with me - beautiful. The tea towel make me chuckle - love it. I picked up some ladybird books too this weekend, need to blog about them at some point. Scarlett x

  5. Kylie, my head is spinning, yet again, at all your glorious finds. EVERYTHING is gorgeous. You are a bargain seeking missile. I'm with Galit, above, I want to see your house with all its lovely bits in all their glory please!

    Love the tt - saucy!

  6. I don't think my previous comment worked. So here I go again.

    Kylie, my head is aspin over all your glorious finds. Love EVERYTHING. You are a bargain seeking missile.

    I'm with Gailit, above, I want to see all your lovely things in your lovely house please.

    Love the saucy tt.

  7. wow what finds! I really love the Blue Pacific cutlery, they are amazing! Thanks for sharing:)

  8. great scores! those hot water bottle covers are so cool!...I mean hot...their hot! ;)

    love the bowl towel...such a hoot.

  9. That Scottish blanket looks cozy indeed and the bird tray is particularly lovely...what a great bunch of finds!

    Congratulations on being the winner of the mushroom and ladybug latch hook pillow kit over at My (Un)Intentional Life. Please send me an email at with your address and I'll get it in the mail to you.

  10. My goodness! You find such lovely things in op-shops!! My favourite is the pile of Ladybird books! I love books and absolutely cannot part with them; kept every book I read as a child - taking up lots of storage space :)
    Which suburbs do you usually go op-shopping in?

    Thanks so much for your lovely comments and for entering my teensy giveaway. Do you think you could include a link to it on your blog please? I'm trying to get a larger audience for my blog :)

    And yes, I have been to Vintage Spinster in Kalamunda. In fact, I walk past it everytime we go into town to get groceries (we refer to Kalamunda as town). I love so many things in that shop but unfortunately they're all way too expensive for me...