Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Have a happy weekend" that's what I'm pretending this rather manic and scary looking clown is saying...I don't really know why I bought this as I find clowns a tad on the freaky side... but there was something about this one that caught my eye...perhaps it was the ninety nine cent price tag? (he's out of harms way in the laundry so we should be o.k.)  

Anyway, I do hope you all have a lovely weekend and that not too many of you have woken with crushing hang-overs following yesterday's big wedding. For the record I thought the bride (and her bridesmaid) looked absolutely beautiful. Sometimes less really is more...

Just a quick up-date on those teak a nutshell my husband didn't like either of them. Sigh. Boo. Hiss. I tried my hardest to convince him that they were too good to leave behind and that we could sell them ourselves for A-L-O-T more, but sadly he would not budge. And this time I decided the cabinets were not worth fighting over...I'm sure they will have new homes very quickly. Sniff. They just wont be living at our house...

Now here's a tea towel

a picnic would be lovely this weekend....

Thank you for visiting, following and commenting too x


  1. Holy cow Kylie I wouldn't be putting my hand in there for a pair of tights! Have you seen 'IT'?

    Bride and bridesmaid looked gorgeous didn't they, and their parents looked great too. Don't know what all that nonsense about 'commoners' was.

    Shame about the cabinets, still I guess he owes you now... x

  2. Kylie, thankyou very much for visiting me and leaving lovely comments, also for your comment on 15 Coast Road. I have a had a little browse through some of your posts and see that you are a girl who loves vintage and retro things, with an eye for a bargain.Perhaps you should have an Etsy shop, selling some of your vintage finds? It is lovely to have a new visitor and I have enjoyed visiting you. Have a lovely day, love Linda x

  3. Meh, what do hubbies know anyway! ;P
    Lakota is on the money, that clown is tre freaky, no?
    see you tomorrow for some flea market finds?


  4. awww nooooo bout the cabinets! You're obviously a nicer person than me as I wouldnt have even taken hubby to look at them I'd have bought them anyway *wink* The clown is quite scary, my friend is a clown phobic and she would go mental seeing this one! lol. Happy Weekend Scarlett x

  5. Oh Kylie, what a shame about the cabinets!! I'm with you on some things not being worth a disagreement though - it's rare the OH puts his foot down on my manic clutter habit but when he does it's usually more a sensible 'that won't even fit through our front door'! We have to let them think they're in charge now and then ;-)

    I love the tea towel today, I'm so up for a picnic!

    Jem xXx

  6. The clown is a bit strange, but the tea towel is cute!

  7. I don't normally mind clowns but that one looks a tad weird,though if you take his mouth out it will be like having a big love heart there.
    Love the cute tea towel

  8. The allure is definitely that he is the epitomy of freaky clowns!! :)

    I'm sure the right cabinets will come along!

  9. Hi Kylie, love the tea towel you got. so cuteee! i agree with you with the clown, what you got is adorable unlike some that reminds me of this horror clown movie called "It" , scaryyy...nice to meet you! x Susan @

  10. Sometimes husbands have no vision! Did you tell him that I had to buy my Parker for $300 but that it was a bargain 'cos we found the same one up the coast for $1700. No, you wouldn't have...cos I didn't tell you!I was ashamed!!! Ashamed to tell you that I had bought a sideboard for 300 bucks and you had them in copious amount for $40! Please tell him that and let him mull on his mistakes!
    I know that clown from the 60's. I think he was called Bozo and he had his own cordial that I used to pester my mother to get...she never would. I used to think she was being mean, but now I know she was being kind.

  11. hey lovely...loving that tea towel...but i'm with lakota on the clown....'IT' totally ruined it for me! hope you've had a gorgeous weekend and your week is lovely to follow. x

  12. I really laughed (in a good way) while reading your discussion with your husband, I know how it is, we had the same one so many times as well. Lacking any vision those husbands!!! :)

    We don't have a TV so I missed a lot of the wedding fun but I did looked over the internet at as many photos as possible, pretty much non stop since Friday. I think Kate was stunning in her elegant dress. They're such a cute, in love couple!!

    Hope you had the time for a nice picnic over the weekend!
    have a good week Kylie!!