Friday, April 15, 2011

This is Ben Quilty's Archibald Prize winning portrait of the Australian artist Margaret Olley.  I'm including it in my blog not only because I think it's a wonderful, wonderful painting but also because at eighty eight years of age Margaret Olley is a living treasure...she is well loved, unique and certainly has history. Just like all of the other treasures I like to blog about on Lucy Violet Vintage. 

Here is a photo of Margaret Olley

image via
Don't you think Ben Quilty is deserving of the Archibald?

 Ms Olley is considered a living legend by Australians in the know (you know, those clever arty people!) and is known best for her wonderful still life interiors like these...


Mallee Rose

still life with oranges



Lots of lovely orange! Mallee Rose is probably my favourite of these, which one do you like best? 
I would love to have even the tiniest bit of Margaret Olley's talent and ability (and Ben Quilty's for that matter)...even my stick figures are wonky!

Just one more pic to show you, Ben Quilty's painting of a Torana (they stopped making these in the 70's so I guess they could almost be considered vintage...)
It's a great painting, look

Elwood Torana no.7 2003 (artworks)

And here's a tea towel version of a still life...


  1. I wish I could draw and paint. Just yesterday I argued with my hubby about it - he can draw you see, and like all other artists he insists that anybody can draw if they free up their mind.

    Well. If I tried to free up my mind anymore I'd float away with the fairies and I still can't draw. Not even decent stick figures.

    Those paintings are all wonderful. My favourite is the car. And yes that portrait is award worthy indeed.

    Love the tea towel too. I have some vintage tea towels I got at a boot fair - gaudy souvenir things and am wondering what to do with them. Must be able to sew SOMETHING from a tea towel.

  2. Well ive learnt a bit more today thank you Kylie, i ashamed to say I havent heard of Margaret Olley, i love the Mallee Rose picture! Scarlett x

  3. Yes, I like Ben's portrait, very worthy of the prize. Of Margaret's paintings, I think I liked the Orange Tigerlilies from the Ipswich Gallery best. thanks for sharing them all.

  4. I somehow missed this post - until now! Fabulous paintings, love the one with the orange flowers. The tt is magnifique - so deliciously bright!

  5. she IS a treasure. have you seen inside her home? it's like heaven on earth. flowers, fabrics and vintage treats EVERYWHERE. such a beautiful artist. thanks for sharing. x

  6. arts'n'crafts lady!
    reminds me so of charleston farmhouse & the bloomsbury group.