Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm worried that my life is turning into a really bad episode of Hoarders...driving around today I spotted a wonderful old industrial trolley on the side of the road. There was no way it was going to fit into our car, but I had to have it! I'm ashamed to say that I  had a huge tantrum until my (lovely) husband agreed to hire a trailer so that we could bring it home.

Here's the trolley...

what do you think? just imagine it "all dressed-up"

I would have been devastated if someone else had nabbed it
 while we were in the process of hiring the trailer (not to mention in big trouble with my husband!) Do you think this could be a sign that I have some sort of psychological problem? Or would you have done the same thing?
Remember these things sell for upwards of $1500 in fancy up-market vintage shops...

So there we were driving around, trailer attached, looking like professional scroungers (slightly embarrassing btw) when we also spotted these and because we had a trailer to fill, this stuff came home too

crate of old jars...wonderful vases for parties?
and look... bonus pickled chillis
NO! we will NOT eat these!

And I was thrilled to find this old filing "thingy"

wonderful vintage storage

it even has the original Dymo tape labels attached towns of W.A. except for Rockingham and
Mandurah, they are almost part of Perth now.

This made it home too

an old game fishing seat with a wonderful stainless steel just needs a minor repair to its upholstery.

Only one op-shop find today...vintage Sombrero's

souviners from Yanchep Sun City, a failed 70's tourism developement North of Perth. I love these. They've even got pom-poms Loo!

King Neptune...a "relic" from the good old days

So do you think I've got a problem??? Be honest!

Before I share today's tea towel I want to show you the lovely surprise my beautiful big girl Adelaide gave to me yesterday

wasn't I lucky...
love the muted colour palette and sweet little owl

And now here's the tea towel


  1. Love that you can drive around and find amazing stuff for free - where i live if you leave something out my the road you get fined for fly tipping! You know Im loving the jars with my jar obsession! Scarlett x

  2. I love how you just find all this stuff by the side of the road, we get NOTHING decent left out, seriously. What is a 'game fishing seat' btw? I mean, I can see it's a chair - and a rather lovely one - but it doesn't look very portable. You take it fishing? Am I being very dense? Fab filing doodah and I'm sure the trolley will be beautiful when fully tarted up. You have a very patient husband - I love it!

  3. eeee that chair is b...e...a..utiful!
    You can never have enough jars around the place,we have 3 crates worth waiting for me to find a use for them.
    Hope you have a lovely day

  4. Yes, you have a problem. And that is that I don't live in your area with all this wonderful rubbish. Hang on, that's my problem. Damn.

  5. OMG. Let me just say that NO, you do not have a problem. It's perfectly normal behaviour, in my opinion! Love the chair. Are you going to cover it or leave it? Love the trolley and the filing pigeonhole thingy. Oh yes, also love the sombreros. We had a thing for sombreros when I was growing up. God knows why! Perhaps they were considered "exotic" in our little world! Needless to say, I had one - not with pompoms though!

    S'not fair, we don't have hard rubbish here. Mind you, yesterday, on the way home from work I found a bunch of red roses in a skip - they must have recently been thrown in as they were absolutely fine to take home with me! I wonder what the story behind that was!!

  6. Woah: AMAZING finds! I love the trolley, chair, hell, everything. I don't think you have a problem at all. We're all thrift/salvage enablers :) Bwhahahaa...

  7. You really don't have a problem, you're just one of the enlightened! :-) I'm hyperventilating over the vintage filing unit, it's so up my street!! Your trolley will look fab once you've worked some magic and given it a spruce up - it's amazing what you can find for free!

    Jem xXx

  8. That trolley is amazing! But I love love love the chair! Your only problem is that you have great taste in vintage stuff! I know explaining that to your hubby probably won't be much help though. I'd love to see some "after" pics!

  9. Words fail to describe the wonderful things that you collect and how you come about them! Excellent stuff!! That shelving rack is amazing and so is the chair....everything!

  10. FANTASTIC FINDS!!! I really love that chair! You obviously have better powers of persuasion than me, no way my hubbie would hire a trailer for me, sniff...

  11. I have giggled my pants off with the thought of you guys driving around picking up things...because that's exactly what I would do, and have done. Including throwing a hissy fit to get the hubby to help.

    We once spotted a shop closing down and selling their shop fittings for peanuts and I saw a fairly large display table that I craved and so we quickly went and got the car out of the parking garage and drove up a pedestrian walkway and parked there, very naughty but there was nowhere else in that part of town, and then ran back and got the table and the two of us lugged it up the (very busy) main street, cutting in front of buses....trying not to drop the table. It was scary and hilarious. But so worth it.

    Your trolley is fantastic. Brilliant find. Well done you. :)

    And thanks for the visit to my blog.

  12. Wow i can't believe you just found these by the road side what a fab thing to be able to do. I am loving the chair and that would have defiantly come home with me. Looking forward to seeing the re vamp on the trolley.Lovely little owl to its so sweet when your children give you thing's bless them. dee x

  13. problem? what sort of a problem do you thing you may possibly have? I, personally don't see any problems at all♥

  14. that fishing chair is the bomb!

  15. Hi I just found your blog. Great stuff! I think your trolley was a terrific find and truly a sign of a VERY sane and financially clever person.

    I envy you. I see a Dallas style drinks cart with a vintage drinks shaker and some fiesta ware.

  16. I dunno if I would call it a habit more of a nice addiction just like me I love that trolley and so much other stuff You have a good hubby to help you out with that trailor.