Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I had a lovely time op-shopping this morning...I found so many treasures and spent hardly any money...Perfect. What more could a girl wish for???

Well I have been wishing for rain, but guess what? that wish has been granted.  Yesterday we had our first proper rain in ages and it is wonderful...we went to bed last night to the sound of rain-drops hitting our tin roof...there could be no sweeter lullaby. I know this sounds terribly OTT and corny too but I am not exaggerating...we have had a very long, dry, hot Summer...if I was less inhibited I'd take off my clothes and dance in it! 

O.K. that's definetely enough of that kind of talk, that's s-c-a-r-y stuff! Back to op-shopping...the little softie in the pic is one of the things that came home with me today...he was hiding under a pile of ordinary stuffed toys and when I saw him, well could you resist that sweet little face? and those gorgeous orange patches? I don't think so...

what is it about orange?

I've got to go - will show you more tomorrow. I'm off to the op-shop with my husband to (hopefully) get his approval on a gorgeous 60's teak cabinet...there is actually two to choose of them forty five dollars the other fifty. Unbelievable! Got to hurry. Wish me luck x

p.s. I told you I'd had a good day!


  1. ooooh good luck on the teak cabinets - they sound like a right bargain! Cant wait to see your other finds too. Yay for rain (to be honest we need a bit where i live as my water butt is dry and my plants crying out!) Scarlett x

  2. Aww i love them soft toys,the patchwork one looks so cute.

  3. Orange dog is definitely cute! And 60s teak cabinets? How exciting - how will Mr Kylie chose? The same as you I'm sure (with maybe a gentle nudge!) x

  4. oh yeah - oh yeah - oh yeah!
    g o o d luck.
    tell us soon.
    the squares on doggie ar gorgeous (you should know i am a 100% suare patches lover, in like, ànything), albeit truely very orange... ;)

  5. Oh Kylie, I LURVE him! I might just have to copy this pattern and try to squeeze one out for Ada. I wish I could follow you around op shopping one day. :)

  6. Cute dog my opshops have been closed and I have had magor withdrawels am hoping o a good fix soon.Did you get the cupboard?
    I just noticed that IO have somehow missed your last 2 posts dunno how as I love your blog so am going to go back and have a

  7. Wow! What a dose if nostalgia for me and a lovely find for you! I had that exact patchwork dog growing up except mine was in reds and blues. My grandma made it for me. I wish I still had him! Good luck with the cabinets. Can't wait to see pics!

  8. Love the little dog great fabric for him that's given me an idea he looks pretty easy to make i may have a go at some point ;-) Good luck with the cupboard hope you managed to buy one. dee x

  9. Ooh, teak cabinet-nice!

    I love the doggie! I have one similar that someone knitted. He is pink and red.

    I also love the sound of rain on a tin roof. The best sleep ever under one! We are still having our rains (wish I could send you some!) and I have no idea when it will stop. :)

    I'd love to op-shop/thrift with you for a day too (you find the best things and cheap!)

  10. Oh I can't believe you have the choice of two! Get them both and sell one on!I found it hard to get my Parker...but I suppose I am in the country with little choice. Saying that, I know a bloke, Adam, who also has a large antiques shop and he owns five sideboards. They are his...not to be sold and are stored standing on their sides. One is a MacIntosh, but he got that from North Sydney on the side of the road. Love the fabrics in the doggy. I will email you re the jewellery. Cheers Nick

  11. that patchwork dog is amazing! what a great find :)

    Keep us posted on the cabinet...

    have an awesome weekend - Kel x

  12. Good luck with the cabinet, I hope you bring home the perfect one!

    I am loving orange at the moment too, so I think your little dog is super cute.

  13. Ohhh can't wait to see which cabinet you're going to come home with - update us all soon! :-)

    I don't know what it is about warm, sunshine colours but they fill me with smiles - love your patchwork canine friend, do you think he's a Scottie?

    Jem xXx