Monday, April 18, 2011

Went to the Swap Meet on Sunday for the first time in ages (due to Sunday morning sleep-ins)I found a few interesting bits and pieces, and surprised myself by turning my nose up at three tea towels and leaving them for someone else to buy...I've decided to be a bit more selective and only buy the ones I really like from now on...this should increase the availability of vintage tea towels in Perth quite considerably. Ha-Ha.

Anyway here's some of the things I bought, first up more Religionalia, this time it's wierdly 3D

one on a "timber" mount
the other on black glass
(apologies for lousy pics)

I also found some more souvenir pennants...these ones have a European flavour and although they are not as cool as my Australian ones I still like them

the Jamaica Inn one is especially nice, it looks hand painted...I'm familiar with Jamaica Inn from the Daphne du Maurier novel but I wasn't aware it really existed...does it?

Capri cannisters
Flour missing lid, but for two dollars who cares!
gorgeous Gay ware cannister one dollar

yes I know butterflies should be free, but I kind of like husband DETESTS it

he does like this stripey vase though.

I've been looking for one of these (at the right price) for ages.

I also gave a new home to:

vintage flower frog
perfect for displaying cards, photos etc

made in Japan and lovely

plastic fantastic for my flower wall

A Cherry Product. Made in Australia
I think this was originally used to serve Hors d'oeuvres...I'm thinking toothpicks in the little holes?

70's souvenir coaster/placemat set
Manjimup is a very pretty little country town about 300kms South of Perth.

And lastly, one of two unused vintage tablecloths

They are still in original packaging... I am saving the other one as part of a  give-away I have planned when/if I reach one hundred posts.

That's it apart from Monday's tea towel

can't wait to see all the treasures you found!




  1. Wow you bagged loads at the swap meet - loving all the canisters/storage pots. I picked up a butterfly cloche this weekend at the bootsale as i wanted the dome but the bottom was glued on light that i wouldnt have been able to release it without breaking it. Great t-towel, my nan has a wall scroll with the exact same print! Scarlett x

  2. Oh I love the the tea towel! One of my next door neighbours growing up was from Brisbane and she'd always sing Waltzing Matilda while pegging out or bringing in her washing! Those canisters are just fab and what a great find those tablecloths were!

    Jem xXx

  3. What a lot you've got! Love the cannisters, they are super duper.

    Do you know that I spent much of yesterday afternoon, reading your blog right from the very beginning! V enjoyable it was too! I was actually searching for that knitted bedspread by Gertrude Pepperdell - which I've now bookmarked. I'm thinking of attempting one myself. Don't laugh! It will be a lifetime's work I know!

  4. Those canisters are amazing! I think my life will be incomplete until I find a set just like it! I also love the stripey vase and today's tea towel is super cute =D

  5. what lovely finds!! i am so jealous of those cannisters... they have been on my 'to find' list for about 3 years now with no luck. you would think that with the amount of op shopping i do it should be easy!!

    have an awesome day - Kel x

  6. I love Daphne du Maurier - Jamaica Inn was/is indeed a real place, famed for smuggling. I think she used to live nearby. Great idea to use the spiky flower thing (frog huh?) as a card holder!

  7. Great finds! I especially love the cannisters and the pennants!!!

  8. i love that "R" canister! my sisters name is Ranell so I would give it to her if I had it here. LOVE that red color. and those other canisters? so bright and lovely.

  9. Some more amazing finds, I love the cross stitch birds and cannisters!

  10. I like yourp lastic fantastic flower... My husband would KILL me if I bought something like that.

    Actually, sneaky confession, I did get something similar (but in ceramic), and hid it in my sewing room on a shelf, above my desk, so only I can see it.

    He-With-The-Eagle-Eyes did eventually see it and go a bit bonkers but too late, it's ensconced now. Anyway he bought a plastic dog and put it in our bedroom on the windowsill so really, it's all a bit "pot-kettle-black."

  11. exciting to have a peek at your finds. they remind me of a little kitsch cafe that existed in brussels, in the eighties, roberta. a friend and i always drank our coffee in there, everytime different cups, plastic fantastic too, and the music... !
    nice reminder thus...