Monday, April 11, 2016

"Well, I'll be domed!"

Dear Mr Kelly, 

your (d)home is amazing!
I wish I had your guts and gumption. If I did I'd jump that barbed wire fence and knock on your door. I'd shake your hand and tell you how much I love your house. You must be a pretty cool dude - of this I'm absolutely certain.

Yours sincerely,

Kylie Oram

Further reading - a few suggestions:

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(thanks Vicky)

Mr Kelly's first dome home link

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The Mysterious Dome Homes link

Journey Into Space: Sydney Spaceships link

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Binishels in NSW Schools link

and lastly, holiday in an absolutely stunning Modernist dome here.

I'm having fun trotting out these quick little posts - they're an easy way back in and I hope you're enjoying them too x 

note: Mr Kelly's (d)home is situated on Pinjarra Road, Barragup, Western Australia. I took these snaps yesterday on the way home from Mandurah. 


  1. Kylie I'm loving these snippets it's what you were made for darl!! Xx

  2. oh I wish you had knocked we might have all had a glimpse inside......thanks for sharing xxx

  3. ahh funny little house! love your little iddy biddy posts :)

  4. And more info can be found here

    1. Thanks Vicky, you're a gem! I'm stoked to find out more about Mr Kelly and his marvelous home(s).
      (I knew there was another Kelly House - it was for sale a couple of years ago, I saved a couple of photos from real estate listing but no info, so I couldn't remember where it've solved that mystery too)
      Will add this link to post :)

  5. Yours sincerely, Kylie Oram. Made me laugh. Wish you had jumped over the fence and shook him by the hand. I think I know someone from Mandurah, is it nice? Xxx

  6. hey Miss Kylie - we're all out there, circling in the stratosphere ( i mean blogosphere). xxx