Monday, October 13, 2014

Who says Pigs Can't Fly?!

this one did. All the way from Broken Hill! (thanks Jane x)

The coffee table I've plonked it on is new to chez Oram too.
Made in 1977 this baby was offered to a lot of people before it made its way to us. Can you believe no one wanted it and that the word ugly was used to describe it?! 
Some of you probably can, but as far as this beholder's (get it?) concerned it'!
Need to shuffle things around a bit to make room for '77

In addition to handsome Germans, dollies, Australiana, and (oodles!) of other stuff, I have a small collection of sea-side paint-by-numbers. 
These wonky (but beautiful and painstakingly done) little paintings are my take on The Secret (which I haven't read so I'll scratch that) I'm hoping if I collect enough of 'em that whole visualisation + affirmation = desired outcome thingy will work.
(can you guess what I'm hankering* after?)

Anyway, a few days ago I found another painting of the sea (not by numbers) to add to my collection
this one (apologies for dull photo - it has been quite overcast here in Perth) for two dollars in an op-shop. Turns out I hit the jackpot! 
not in an Old Masters way...we're talking more your 1930's artist with cred...we can't quit our jobs yet and we're still hankering* 
Perhaps discovery or treasure would be a better word? It is a very special find regardless, especially as far as suburban West Australian op-shops go.

I know it's special because:
a) it just is and 
b) someone has scrawled some info about the artist on the back which allowed me to do a spot of research.
This (grubby) little oil is called Rough Sea. It was painted by Alice Maude Fanner in 1930. Google tells me that Alice (1865-1930) was a renowned painter who specialised in marine landscapes.  She was tutored by Julius Olsson and her paintings were exhibited at many galleries including the Royal Academy. There is an Australian connection too - she married an Australian business man named Arthur Edward Tate - I'm wondering if this has something to do with Rough Sea turning up at an op-shop here...
Alice's paintings sell for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of pounds(!) which makes finding it quite thrilling, but I'd love it even if it was worth nothing. It looks quite at home with the p.b.n. - although they're nervously minding their P's and Q's with such posh company in da house ;)

And while I've (hopefully) got you here, please don't forget to chuck some money at Julianne's Frocktober campaign. So far gorgeous (pop over - you'll see!) Julianne has raised nearly $600 for research into ovarian cancer! You're a super-star Julianne!
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Thanks for reading and thanks in anticipation (hint!) for your Frocktober donation x

In our garden. It's a Leucospermum. Cordifolium yellow to be pre-cise. Isn't it lovely?!


  1. Wow, Kylie, Rough Sea is a fantastic find. Of course we are all drawn to things we like, but if they turn out to have some artistic (and monetary) value to them too, then that's all good, right? And there is nothing wrong with a tiled Seventies coffee table either! xxx

  2. Lovely yellow leucos - nice to see the stuff we can't grow here (like Crumbs blog btw). Can't guess what you are hankering after - a seaside holiday home, a paint by numbers kit? Nice coffee table (very tired - keep saying nice, soz!) xxx

  3. I used to do paint by nos. when small, then my grubby little bro, came along and used them to wipe his fingers on whilst i was waiting for them to dry...brothers eh!
    But seriously wow what a find!. but then you have a superb eye for talent and style!

  4. Wow what a find! It'll look perfect in your beach shack one day x

  5. You have such a great eye for quality and style Kylie you deserve to be a squillionaire! You'd be one of those people at the Antiques Roadshow who have treasure! Those colour by number seascapes are really modern looking and almost like tapestries. They will look great all together. I'll keep my eye out for you - though my eye is not as keen and as clever as yours! Thanks for the link too. Love having you on my team!!!!

  6. You collect some cool stuff Kylie. I love the room captured in your third you call it your lounge room? It looks bright and full of character and interesting finds! Happy days x

  7. I just love seeing snippets of your home. It all just works together somehow. You have "that thing" so to speak! I've been missing my original blog pals of late too. I keep on waiting in hope that they will post something. I miss their comments as well, now it feels like hardly anyone is reading with so few commenters. But I still love you, so don't disappear on me will ya??!! Xx

  8. What a treasure to find - you have a great eye. Adelaide op shops seem to specialize in what we might call the Water-Stained Busted Frame Dodgy Italianate Vista Reproduction style of fine art... ;-)

  9. The painting, she is an absolute gem! I dream of finding such a thing! Nice work, oppy sleuth!

  10. What a treasure of a post. See, with Table of 77, I think context is everything. In a dismal bedsit with grey net curtains, it probably would look ugly, but in your glorious pad (which makes me think Georgia O'Keeffe in her adobe today), it is perfect. Especially with your East Germans on. Nice touch. I guess you're hankering* for a little place by the sea?! I have a bit of a thing for p-b-ns too, I like the idea of them minding their Ps and Qs alongside The Painting by the Proper Artist. What a find! What an eye! Xxx

  11. If you've notice your blog stats going up... It's me checking in for a new post. Hope you are AOK. Leax

  12. Wow that painting was an AMAZING find!! Love the glimpse into your beautiful lounge room, stunning!!!

  13. That room looks fantastic. You are so good at this stuff.x

  14. A little Christmas post us your tree?!;) Hope you are aok! Come back to Instagram. Big love from your weirdo blog stalky friend Leax

  15. Oh dam blogger my long-winded message has vanished

  16. hello, my sweet dear friend from way down under, but so close to my heart. you surprised me this week, by having the post woman deliver your honest christmas wishes. i am so deeply touched by your gesture. my return wishes {of which i scatter some here already} will arrive late on your door step, one reason being, like you, i want to sit down and write a letter. a proper letter. chances are i will be sitting down to do this on x-mas eve. so there, i wanted to let you know. sweet, sweet lucy violet kylie! i'm thinking of you too. x n♥