Sunday, October 5, 2014

It's Frocktober Again...

but I'm not frocking up this year because frankly...I do not have 'it' in me.

Pathetic really because I definitely, positively, absolutely do not want Ovarian Cancer in me either!

And nor do you. Obviously!

I have started to collect dolls. Most of them in national dress. I know, but I can't help myself! Nearly every time I spot one in an op-shop it comes home with me. They are so cheap (and cheerful) I can't bear the thought of them being chucked out like yesterday's rubbish. Some of them are really, really old, and all of them are really, really beautiful. Originally I bought them for the kids at kindy (we have a multi-cultural table) but the more I looked at them, held them (and played with them!) the harder it was to let them go...
I have nowhere to put them, but they don't mind - as one of them said to me "we don't take up too much space" - and she was right ;)
Ovarian Cancer is an insidious disease
  1. proceeding in a gradual, subtle way, but with very harmful effects.

  2. it has no cure or early detection test 
    (early detection is key to saving lives) 
    however, funds raised during Frocktober aim to change all that, so it is vitally important that you (me, we!) support this extremely important cause. Agree?

    It would be lovely, lovely, LOVELY! if you could pop over to Julianne's blog, Sister Outlaws, and give her a bit of the same Frocktober love you gave me last year.

    You'll be in for a treat because nobody I know wears a frock quite like Julianne. For example,
    this is what she wears to pick up her kids from school!
    You put me and my tracky-dacks to shame Julianne ;)

    The stories Julianne tells to accompany her fabulous frocks aren't too shabby either! An Hawaiian surfer named Ace! Hollywood movie stars! Coburg Trash and Treasure! And it's only day five!!!

    As Julianne says "no donation is too big or small" 
    (actually I've added the too big bit!)
    Even your coffee money for the day would do very nicely (hint!)

    Please sponsor Julianne here 
    (and feast your eyes on her fabulousness here)

    Thank-you x

    p.s. thanks for your lovely comments on this post. Talk about a cheer-squad! I have replied to nearly all of them - there are a few "no-reply" bloggers I'm still to get to, but I will x 
    I call this one Imelda (Marcos), I'm sure it's her. What do you think? (she is not wearing shoes, but that's because she has no feet!)


  1. Eh, can't believe that was a year ago! can't wait to see more of Julieannes amazing outfits! Very inspiring lady! xx

  2. Ooh Kylie! Thanks-a-rama time! You're a gem. And you WILL be frocking a guest frocker! Your commitment to the cause and wonderful posts last year are the inspiration behind my decision to do frocktober 2014. And making a difference to the research into early detection is paramount to fighting this disease!!!

  3. I was hoping for Doll Frocktober: you know, a sort of Mini-Me thing. Off to visit Julianne's blog - love that outfit! - You are so right - we have to pitch in for this cause.

  4. Like Vicki, I thought the dolls might be getting frocks, now that you're such a talented seamstress, .

  5. I'm heading over there now - couldn't be more timely. My two stepsons have a 'between their ages' friend whose mother sadly passed away this week from ovarian cancer. I never got the chance to meet her, but the three boys always joked about the coincidence that me and Tane's mum were the only two welsh speaking Kiwi birds on the planet. So I'll do it for Traude, whose boy will always be welcome to stay for his tea and sleep on the sofa at our house.

  6. Yay, you decided to keep the blog going then, Kylie? See what a bit of love and support can do! Oh those darling dolls - I see a fair few in charity shops here too, often in multiples, as though someone's collection has been donated, which makes me kinda sad... Imelda with no shoes, or feet? There's an irony!
    I'll pop over to Julianne's blog, I can't believe your Frocktober fundraiser was a year ago! xxx

  7. Wow, that year has whizzed by. Your friend Julianne looks amazing, must go and say hello. I love national dolls. I found a really cute Polish pair a while back. Like your dolls, they don't take up much room, but they do jolly up the place, and are very well behaved. Imelda looks fabulous, but it's the Thai dancer in front who is stealing her thunder and intriguing me. Xxxx

  8. I remember your Frocktober. Has it been a year?! That little lady above is one cool mother. I find your doll collection intriguing. I haven't added anything to any of my collections for ages. No Bitossi, no stoneware, no Royal Copenhagen. It's depressing really. Why are you hanging at a kindergarten? Have I missed a career change?

  9. I'm hopping over to Julianne's for a peek; and yes that is Imelda!

  10. What a neat outfit!! So artsy and unique!!