Monday, April 28, 2014

"Sew-Along" and Frock-Alone Show and Tell

Recently Lazy* Daisy Jones

blogger, seamstress, hooker (I'm talking crochet thank-you very much!), collector, restorer of old stuff, and all round good egg

* I have no idea where the lazy comes in!

wrote a post (or two!) extolling the virtues of the McCalls 3341 skirt pattern. Daisy described McCalls 3341 as the perfect project for the beginner sewer.

Even though I didn't actually believe her at the time, it turned out

a, that she was right, and 

b, there were loads of stitchers with 'L' plates on out there in blogland, who were itching to give 3341 a go. 

So lovely Daize bowed to the pressure of her adoring fans and decided to host a Sew-Along.  And she did it with aplomb. From cutting to sewing (and everything in between!) Daisy taught us how to sew a totally wearable A-line skirt.

See, here I am wearing mine

(it used to be a vintage bark cloth curtain)
It even has!
If you have ever wanted to run something up, Daisy's sew-along is the perfect place to start. I highly recommend it. I have tried other sewing tutorials and the only thing I ended up with at the end of them was a pounding headache. After sewing along with Daisy, I not only made a skirt (with my own bare hands!) but I also learnt a heap of new skills.
Did I mention I inserted a zip?!
Here is the link to Part One which tells you everything you need to know to begin.
As far as sewing goes, I always thought I was a bit of a klutz. I blamed it on being left-handed (let's face it, in a nutshell I'm what you'd call...unco) Now I know I can do it. All I needed was someone (Daisy) to start at the beginning and explain things simply to get me started and give me confidence. 
I'll always be grateful to you for this Daize, you're a great teacher. Thank-you x
Since I 'conquered' 3341, I am so excited about sewing - I'm imagining my wardrobe bursting with home-made clothes! I have even made a dress! (and it's ALL down to Daisy's sew-along)
Here it is
Simplicity 3833, a reissue of an original 1960's pattern. Vintage 1970's fabric.
 Notice it has:
button holes

the mother of all zips!
note: this morning when I ponced about in front of the camera it struck me (again!) how much I hate having my photo taken. How I survived Frocktober  last year I'll never know! Here's a dodgy looking 'full frontal'

Just remember (and I keep telling myself this) it's not about me, it's all about the frock ;)
Thanks for reading x


  1. Hurray for sewing! How funny, we've both been bitten by the bug. I love your skirt and dress, both are gorgeous. The dress fabric is especially wonderful, and the belt/button detail is fab. You're ahead of me, I haven't tried sleeves yet - but give it time! Well done - doesn't it feel good?
    I don't know why you don't like having your photo taken, you are SUCH a babe, Kylie! xxxx

  2. It's fab Kylie ... and your dress is a stunner ... wayhay for lovely Daisy and her help ... I still have to start mine ... Bee xx

  3. OMG Kylie! Gasp! Firstly, you look GORGEOUS as always. Secondly, that skirt! Thirdly, that dress! I'm so impressed. I've been following Daisy's tutorial and will definitely give it a go once I finish the wrap around skirt that I'm currently attempting. I have got no further forward that cutting out the fabric pieces. Did I mention that we've got builders in AGAIN? Hence the place is a right old state AGAIN and I'm not even sure where my fabric pieces are *rolls eyes". Well done Kylie. xx

  4. Wow and wow and I am so proud of you!!!
    That dress is amazing. The zips look perfect so neat and tidy, I really think you may be a natural seamstress!
    Lost for words Kylie ??!!??
    (and I am blushing at your very kind words .....)
    bestest Love as ever
    Ps I am the same at having photos taken...but you are gorgeous!

  5. Kylie, you ROCK that frock! And I love the clogs with socks too ��
    Can't wait to see what creation you whip up next !

  6. I can't believe you are a sewing virgin, your skirt and frock look so profesh! Love both your fabric choices and your sewing is so straight...I'm sure mine will look like a dog's hind leg. Did I mention I'm going to have a bash at it too? Been out this morning and bought fabric-v.excited. I reckon we'll be seeing more of your makes soon... and you I hope.

  7. Kylie, you did a really fine job. The zipper looks great, I don't see a single pucker on the sleeves, and your belt is perfect. I agree with Daisy that you're a natural seamstress. And you're beautiful too boot! I don't know why you'd ever dread being photographed, as pretty as you are.

  8. might i add, the full frontal is just fine, to the point even. omg, you just made two garments! and all i've done is sweating over trying to get a vintage dress better... well, it is not, but i'm gonna wear it, at least once, and see what people say.
    yours are stunning, is the word.
    well done, kylie!

  9. Love the fabric you used for your skirt!
    I don't know what you're talking about, as a long time sewer there is nothing I see that indicates you're a beginner.......
    Thanks for your sweet comments regarding my hair! X

  10. Seriously.. You know how awesome I think you are! And now you can sew too! X

  11. That dress is so gorgeous and its even more gorgeous cause you made it. It is such a sense of accomplishment when your wearing your own handmade clothes.

  12. Your a peach! Congrats on the dress, it's just perfect! are we sewing little lady dresses yet?

  13. Clever you! The dress is amazing - I absolutely love it and will probably have to go and buy the pattern.

  14. That red dress is completely amazing and looks great on you. Love the big purple flowers on the skirt, such a pretty fabric. xx taz

  15. Oh oh that is fantastic sweet......what a great skirt and then the dress is just to perfect on you....well done!!!!!! You are a clever sweet-pea!!!!! I am going to very soon have a lesson on sewing......I must must do it!!!!!!!
    You look so very pretty at the door.
    Sending happiness your v

  16. Just amazing - the fabric, style and shoes! Pretty, pretty!

  17. I sew tablecloths and pillows- straight lines and the occasional square.
    Perhaps I too will be driving Miss Daisy crazy with an attempt at her tutorial.
    A zip, you say???!

  18. A skirt and a dress! That's really impressive. I love the fact that your skirt had another life. I really enjoyed making my skirt, definitely more to come. Your dress looks fabulous and it's got me thinking. Well done you, enjoy your dress and your skirt.
    Jane x
    (I was a zip virgin too!)

  19. How awesome of you....they are both fabulous patterns...I am off to check out your skirt make it look so great. Xxxx

  20. Eh!!! Amazing! Thought you couldn't sew! This is GORGEOUS! and you look fab xxx

  21. Both of the outfits look lovely, well done you! Keep up the good work and remember to show us all your makes - I'm quite envious!