Thursday, April 3, 2014

I can't think of a title.

I found this 'plant stand' on the side of the road. I think it used to be a paint pot stand in a Kindergarten - brushes and water in the middle, primary colours around the edges. But I'm not sure...
A little collection re-discovered while rummaging in the shed.
I never liked this glass block window in our laundry until we hung these vintage macramé hangers and now I love it. Thanks Tam x That's a Peperomia in the basket on the right. It has the weirdest flowers (weird but good)
Lillies on the kitchen table (under our old Michelin sign)
A beaten up little table we picked up from the side of the road (its timber top was rotten so we replaced it with a piece of ply)
A new arrangement on Lucy Violet's old hall cupboard. Albert Namatjira print picked up at the tip shop a few years ago, hand-made basket (they're both hand-made, but I'm talking the really special one on the left) a fortieth birthday present from Anth.
(almost a decade ago. Crikey Moses, that's scary!)
One of a pair of sweet little side tables I'm currently revamping Lovely Courtney from Apprentice Extrovert is helping me out here. Courts knows everything there is to know about totally knocking the socks of pieces of furniture you and I wouldn't ordinarily look at. She's an inspiring woman in many ways actually. Check out her blog. You'll see what I'm talking about.
Here are the legs after I got rid of that ugly stain. So much nicer naked (well the legs on the left are naked - I've waxed the legs on the right) Sanding them wasn't fun...those mouse sander thingies make your hands go numb after a while, and ours is a bit big for my hand so it was tricky to hang on to - it almost took me for a ride every time I turned it on - but discovering that pretty wood underneath (look at the variation in colour and grain) made it all worthwhile. Now for the hard part, i.e. waiting for the primer to cure. Six days to go (and counting) before I can (hopefully) make those little white laminate bits a bit more interesting (not getting rid of all the laminate because I think it's quite nice) Patience is not one of my virtues, I am itching to get started, but so far I have managed not to give in to temptation. Tomorrow may be a different story.
In other I have signed up for Daisy's Sew-Along to learn how to sew this skirt (not very inspiring sketches on the pattern, Frumpsville City actually IMO, but don't be put off. It all comes down to fabric choice - you should see Daisy's skirts! They're lovely!)
I have been wanting to learn how to sew...something for ages, and when I read the words "beginners dream" I was in! Daisy has even promised to teach us how to insert a zip! My sewing nemesis!
Find more details here if you'd like to sew along too.
(I have sewn (ahem!) pillowslip skirts before, but let's face it, how much sewing is involved in threading a bit of elastic through the end of an old pillowslip?! Plus elastic waists look totally crap on me!) 
I know this post is all over the place "like a mad woman's breakfast" so why stop now?! I'll end with this beautiful photo from Lauren Fleishman's Love Ever After series.
Anth on the right, moi on the left. Kidding!!! I wish I was that glamorous ;)
All of Lauren's photos (and their little stories) are lovely, but this one, for me, particularly so. Feel like a bit of love this arvo? Hit the link. You'll be glad you did. 
p.s. some of these pics have appeared on my Instagram thingy(?) so apologies if you've seen them before. I am trying to make an effort to keep blogging even though I have been sucked-in by the quick and easy fix that is Instagram. This post has taken me longer than you'd think (by the standard of it!) to write as I just can't seem to sit down in front of the computer. I hoped by now I'd be able to show you our new loo and laundry (something you might be remotely interested in!) but we are still waiting for it to be tiled (after the last debacle we have called in a favour from someone we can rely on to do the job properly, unfortunately this means it will be done when he can fit us in) so don't hold your breath for that one!
Thanks for reading, skimming, struggling through this, whatever x 






  1. Ha! I am having breakfast (like a mad woman) whilst reading your gorge post.
    those little images of your home show what real taste is...
    your shed must be magic?
    I have seen some of those woven bottles here before, guess what I am gonna copy you and collect them now, Thanks Kylie....!!
    thanks for the link too....that fabric really is too fabulous!
    bestest daisy xx

  2. So lovely to see more of your wonderful House and sorry I'm not able to change that no- reply blogger thing you've mentioned:-( Hughes and Kisses from Ria

  3. Wow the plant stand! It might very well be from a kindergarten. I hope so I love that idea! I'm so happy to be joining in the with the sew along. I'm desperate to make something. So glad I spotted your link on insta. Look fwd to seeing your pretty purple progress;)

  4. Oh God, you Aussies and your side of the road hard rubbish finds! I'm so jealous. Lovely, lovely pics as always, Kylie. I've just had a butchers at your Insta feed - flipping gorgeous (far lovelier than my daughter and her silly mates' selfie pics which is the only stuff I stalk on Instagram). Yes, I'd really like to join in with the sew along but I'm actually (get this...) in the throes of making my own skirt. The pattern was given to me by my colleague (via tilly and the buttons blog). It's a wrap around skirt which means no dreaded zip. My colleague assures me that even a fool (ie me) could make it. I've got as far as cutting out the fabric....Good luck with yours. xx

  5. Always good to hear from you, Kylie; a bit of this, that and the other in a post is no problem whatsoever! You do fall lucky with your side-of-the-road finds, and the shape of those table legs is so pretty. As always, your pics are great, and I am looking forward to seeing the results of your sewing - did you ever wear the one you made when we did it together? Or does the elasticated waist put you off? I wear mine, but I find it does need a belt. You've inspired me, I'm going to try try try to make something else! xxx

  6. We never find anything at the side of the road, how do you do that?! Love the plant stand (and everything else too)

  7. One of my first proper jobs was cleaning in a big old 'one flew over the cuckoo's nest' style psychiatric hospitals. Everybody had to eat before having their medication so if there was any teapot flinging to be done, breakfast was the time it happenend. Sometimes I used to lock myself in the cleaning cupboard and wait for the pandemonium to subside. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger huh?

  8. You always find the best stuff by the side of the road...and in your shed! Maybe the plant stand was for holding a big clay pot in the middle, surrounded by those tiny red clay pots full of trailing plants. Or maybe it was a paint stand like you guessed. Either way, it's very cool. Love your new arrangement on Lucy Violet's hall cupboard. That basket is amazing. And I love your plants in front of the glass block window. We have a glass block window in the main house. Jenn should hang some plants! Can I tell you again how glad I am you decided to keep blogging. It makes my heart happy.

  9. I know how IG can get u!!! I feel the same way. It's so quick and easy to share, but I don't think it builds the same relationships that a actual blog can build. Trying to balance both :)

  10. Kylie your skirt will be stunning, with that stunning barkcloth how could you go wrong. x

  11. Well done for (so far!) not giving into temptation and painting before the primer has cured a bit! I'm so proud of you!! Now you really do have to wait the six days...imagine the guilt you'd feel if you didn't now I've admitted to feeling proud of you ;-)
    Seriously though, it doesn't come naturally to most of us (patience) so big thumbs up! It will be worth it in the end :-) and thanks for the nice words and link! I feel a bit spesh!


  12. Kylie, quite simply, you have exquisite taste. That geranium arrangement with the cactus against the grey wall is stunning and I love all your bits and bobs, even though I wouldn't have seen the potential in them at all (apart from the plastic coated bottles, that was love at first sight). I'm not quite sure I even understand a process of priming etc which takes so long. I rather enjoyed your mad woman's breakfast! Can't wait for the sewing reveal! Xxx

  13. I love your house Kylie, especially the plant stand, so cool. What is not to love about a good old geranium. Cactus too for that matter. I hope you are enjoying your Sunday x

  14. The plant stand is amazing, I need to hang out with you - I never find anything like that! I hope you are well. Great post BTW! :)

  15. K re comment on mine, re all cut out

    ..... brilliant you are!

    The nap is for 'pile' fabrics like velvet or towelling so nothing for you to worry your pretty little head about darling!?

    bestest D xx

    Ps will post next part on wednesday this ya!

  16. neither can i. think of a title, and that's an easy one. i've been SO out of touch, lovey, i cannot begin to say how deflated i feel about it.
    on the up? i'm off to london thursday next. planned trip, perhaps not overly in the mood, but i'm going, and we'll see if we live.

    i notice you have quite the challenges on your hand too, being this blasted blogging and then those legs! super!! i am so proud of you!

    i do miss you. n♥

  17. Hi Kylie, I'm readin ya! I've had a complete sabbatical from the world of blog as life has got too big but after seeing all your action of late (wow, chic bathroom or what) I'm gonna crank it up again as we are now well and truly down the extension road. Maybe that's why I've been too traumatised to blog. Anyway, we keep coming back sooner or later. x

  18. I never see anything like that by the side of our roads. HAR-RUMPH. You do have the best taste and a very refined and (dare I say it) restrained hand. You don't quite go too far, just to the edge. I really like it but I can't figure out how to do it.

  19. Heydy ho! Have we all been wagging blogworld for the same reasons?
    By the way that Namatjira reminded me I have a set under the laundry bench in 60's frames. Time to refold some towels methinks!

  20. You have such lovely things! I love that framed photo against the concrete wall.