Sunday, May 5, 2013

Things I Like...

This house
(love may be a better word)

details and more pics, here.
(can't afford it, damn it!)
This lampshade
found here.
This cake
Orange Syrup Cake with Candied Oranges
If heaven was a cake, it would taste like this!
Try it, you'll love me l-o-n-g time. Seriously.*
These tea/coffee cups
and everything else from Bison.
(I'd be drinking tea from these now if I could pick a colour!)
This herb garden
from here.
(I'll probably put succulents in mine)
This little print
a birthday present for Annabel, from here.
(The Royal Tenenbaums, is her favourite flick) 
And lastly, I like** these lovely people who are  joining in our linky (please check out their lovely blogs x)
Dana, Wendz, EvangelineTamTaz (there's a gorgeous little give-away over at Taz's at the moment btw), Pippa, ZaraRia, Sally, Rebecca, Allison, Tove, Bron, Tania, Fiona, Sharon, Loo, LeaDonna, my 'pen-pal' Sue (who doesn't have a blog, but does have a gorgeous home full to the brim with mid-century/vintage gorgeousness - as do some of Donna's friends who don't have blogs and are joining in too), and me (of course!)
It's going to be an interior perve fest, that's for sure!
If you decide to join us (we'd LOVE to have you!) I'll add your name to the list.
a vintage corner at my place...
* thank you David Lebovitz. 
** "I love youse all", joining in, or not.






  1. I LOVE that lampshade too. And bison is beautiful.

  2. Can I join, Kylie? Great idea, I'm so looking forward to seeing all those great spaces! Goodness, that cake looks yummy beyond words.... And so does your vintage corner:-)

  3. Yep, lovin that house too. But no interior pics? That's interesting, because most real estate agents don't think we would be interested in the fifties tiling and laminate kitchen, and because whoever buys it would be sending in the dozers. :((

  4. Will be there If I can get the computer to folow my instructions LOve you pictures:)

  5. Love your much of a corner do you need?....I may have a little to show. xxx

  6. Loving that lampshade and your vintage corner. Perhaps I could show my vintage display cabinet and it's contents?

  7. Dear Kylie,

    because next week I´m on a little trip with my son, i just post a vintage corner of our house on my blog. I create a link to your post and I hope you all have so much fun with it, like me.
    See the pics at:

    xo, Ria

  8. Oh, so many things to like!!! That house (and location) is stunning. That lampshade reminds me very much of a beautiful tea towel some wonderful someone sent me so I could learn about Australia. :) The picture of the cake makes my mouth water, and I want those teacups in gray, please. The little herb garden is adorable, and the more I know about Annabel, the more I love her.

    Love your little vintage corner, and I can't wait to see more.

  9. Hi Kylie - I sent you a mail earlier with some pics. I think what is confusing me as to whether I qualify to join in is that my home is mid 20th cent by accident rather than design just because my things are so old! xx PS that cake looks divine!

  10. I like your likes Kylie - especially that lamp. Fab-u-lous!

  11. I said "I love youse all" in my 21st b`day did I cop ya jeff (and you too kyles!x) x

  12. So much cool stuff Kylie. Love the house and the cake but mostly I love those Bison cups. Have a good week :)

  13. Cool house. I was looking for the price but didn't spot it. Looking forward to next Saturday and our vintage features. You will be amused but not surprised. :)

  14. that's it! remarkable destination for tea towels, or even scarfs, i'd say, and the truth of the matter is i've a nude lampshade lying round waiting to be clad.... mhmmmmm.

    cake's looking the part too... yes, i feel like making this one. and your hubby makes that herb garden, don't he? have you looked at the succulent price?? just use dorobor ancient coffee glasses? it'd be lovely!! another idea to be executed...

    i have not yet understood the joining part, must scroll further down. bear with, bear with...

  15. What a house! I'm a sucker for a flat roof home and I fancy a white house with blue trim too. Something very 'beach holiday' about it. How is that view?! Amazing.
    Love the corner your home. : )

  16. That house is just lovely! And I love a good orange syrup cake..might make one tomorrow..thanks for the idea!! Looking so forward to saturday! xxx

  17. I was going to ask you about the t towel lamp shade as i couldnt find a pic anywhere. Looks amazing.

  18. I wish I had a vintage corner to share! One day when I have my own place!! Love that lampshade. xx

  19. Mmm, much to love here, Kylie! You certainly have a great eye for excellent design, and your little corner of vintage delight looks gorgeous. xxxxx

  20. I'm with Patsy, where are the interior shots Mr Estate Agent? It's no good tempting us with that location and those views and then no room shots. That's just teasing.

    That cake looks so utterly delicious, I wouldn't even care how many calories were involved. I always love seeing corners of your home and I can't wait for the pervefest! xxx

  21. Yes, I wanna see inside (da house)too. Anyway, love the lamp - it's sooooo sweet. I'll be joining in too - I hope. xx

  22. So much to love, the house, the cup and saucers, and the yummy cake.
    But most if all I live your vintage corner, the vase is amazing.
    Love V

  23. I'd love to link in but I can't find anything interesting or worthy. It's all so blah! Bison is divine. You have wonderful taste.

  24. I might link in I think I'm feeling like mmmcabove. Actually I'd have to clean up...maybe it is the motivation I need. Anyway I really want that lampshade. I wonder if I could make one. It's probably a bit outa my league.

  25. Lots of lovely things to be liking. Love those tea and coffee cups and I would love to have a look around that house. dee x