Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Op-Shop Show Off

joining in with Max and the gang here 

Tapio Wirkkala for iittala, Aslak Schnapps Glasses

Only five (sniff), must've been too much of that glass slamming schnappy kind of stuff going on, or maybe someone tripped going down the steps into the sunken lounge...

While I'm not as crazy about glass as some people (all that dusting!) when you see vintage iittala, still in its original packaging, you're not gonna leave it behind, are you?!

Especially when you're out of town, and the treasures you imagined/hoped/were sure(!) you'd find in all those lovely country oppies have been snaffled up by holiday-makers before you. 

Not that I'm saying my iittala was bought out of desperation, it's far too nice for that, but you know what I mean.

I found it (after a lot of smelly rummaging) at a lovely  (non smelly) vintage/junk shop called The Flying Wardrobe in the little town of Witchcliffe (sounds like something out of a 70's Disney movie don't you think?) about a month ago.

Rather than let these babies sit there gathering dust

 (there's a snowball's chance in hell they'll ever get used for the purpose they were designed for at our place!)

I'll probably use them as icy little jars for 

tea lights,
cuttings, or maybe
I also thought they'd make nice egg cups - but I thought that might be taking it just a bit too far...

For more info on Wirkkala and Finnish glass, check out these recent posts by Dana of mid2mod fame here, and by Tove, of Stuff That Makes My Heart Beat Faster, here and here.   

Anth and Annabel at the beach in Busselton (fifty clicks from Witchcliffe).
Thanks for reading, don't forget to pop over to Max's to see what other people have got to show-off.





  1. hi kylie! i'm back from the depths of life... ;))). nah. i been lazy, and busy. i see you are traveling. and rummaging.

    ah. schnapps! fond memories whilest alpine skiing. teachers'd always carry a bottle of it in their pocket, and would slip it towards us, eager teenage pupils.
    i know! alcohol on site! no can do! still. fond memories.
    PERFECT egg holders, btw.

  2. I found a perfect set of six a couple of months ago - no box though. Love them so much and they're just sitting on my kitchen shelf just waiting for someone to distill a batch of potato schnapps! xx

  3. fantastic find Kylie! there is a great article up on your friend Toves blog too i enjoyed reading, i hadn't realised the glasses were originally designed for Fin Air.
    and schnapps! ahh, it's been a while, but peach schnapps takes me back to all my apre-ski european snowboarding adventures. happy (tipsy) days!

  4. Oh, they're so incredibly gorgeous! What a coincidence, Kylie, I got 7 Ultima Thule glasses in different sizes + a creamer this last weekend (see my last post) !!! I absolutely love them, always have! It's been "Finland- week" over here, look out for the next post, I'll show you:-)
    Love the beach picture!

    Ps. Thanks Max:-)

  5. Hey Kylie the glasses are just yummy......I love the touch of green. Oh and a dash of port too!!!!
    The beach looks so lovely....ahhh summer, we just have snow.....which is lovely to.
    Yay the tt's are at there new happy.
    love V

  6. Hy Kylie,
    your glasses are wonderful. I love scandi design. It´s timeless in style. Hope you enjoy the beach, here it´s cold and rainy.
    Greetings, Ria

  7. Great find Kylie, sometime you have to keep on rummaging to get the good stuff (as I tell the kids when they are losing the will to live when I stop and say I'll only be 5 mins!). I'm not much for collecting glass either, as I'm allergic to dusting! Quite partial to port though. S:)

  8. Nice find...I have heard that that little oppie is a good one...haven't been as far as Witchcliffe for ages. xxx

  9. I've never heard of this brand, but as soon as I saw the words, I thought, that's got to be Finnish, surely? They are rather stunning. We went to Finland last year and one day we visited the design museum in Helsinki. You would have loved it! I love your imaginative multi-functionalism. xxx

  10. Definitely would not have left those behind! Haven't seen any in years. I have to hold my hand up here, I am a glass groupie (as well as crystal, chairs, china...) My favourite glass finds are Orrefors. I am currently working on a luncheon setting from the leaf series.

  11. The glasses are wonderful! I would have wanted them too.
    I imagine they would look fabulous with tealights.

  12. New to me, but looks great. Great find xo

  13. Hi hi! These are very nice glasses. So icy looking. Super for Christmas decorations, don't you think?

  14. Oh schnap! Love the feet. Have you ever tried butterscotch schnapps? Its divine. Add 2 parts Baileys and youve got youreself a rude boy possibly from Witchcliffe or Brokeback Mountain? Hmm...anyway, yummy, enjoy. Cheers

  15. I love the way you used these, great ideas and so pretty. You must try peach schnapps it's delicious and would look and taste good in these pretty in these glasses.

  16. Those are some gorgeous schnapps glasses, I love them! What a shame that one is wayward - I can't help wondering where it is??! Would like to think it is just holding pens on a desk somewhere rather than smashed to smithereens! :-)

    Jem xXx

  17. lovely find..sometimes I like an oddly numbered second hand set...there's a story there, surely!! xx

  18. Now I DO like vintage glass ware (not the dusting bit, so I don't bother with that...) so I am loving that set, even the fact that one is missing, surely the result of a drunken evening! I have some similar little dessert dishes, but they don't have adorable feet like your glasses!
    I like your many uses of them; I wouldn't bother with Schnapps, it's too sweet for my tastes and reminds me of long-gone evenings which ended (badly) with drinking it when all other alcohol had been used up... Not a good move, obviously!
    Lovely beach pic of Annabel and Anth. xxxx

  19. Lovely glasses and I like all the photo styling. But oy vey schnapps! No thanks - too many headachey memories. :)

  20. I love that icy glass look, great find. I always seem to find sets with one missing as well - other people obviously also have friends like mine (I'm clinging on to my final wine goblet from a set I was given for my 21st!)